1 ShareIt Coin How much is in Rupiah? Here’s the explanation

Portalsitaro.com – ShareIt application users who take part in the toll-free event from this apk may wonder, what is the value of converting coins to rupiah in this shareIt pulse-generating application?

Like a collection of questions that we find a lot, from shareit users. Many are confused about converting the change in coin value to idr in this application. Where, this coin as a reference to rewards given from various missions.

Well, for those of you ShareIt apk users who want to know about the exchange rate of coins to rupiah. Julybe the following explanation can make it easier for you to understand the conversion of shareit coins to rupiah.

1 ShareIt Coin How much is in Rupiah?

From the experience of the author’s personal calculations, the exchange rate for the rupiah balance given by shareit is quite small. Because, 1 rupiah shareit application is equivalent to only 10 coins. So, how many coins do we need to collect to get 1 rupiah. So we answer 10 coins.

For those of you who don’t understand the share it coin exchange rate scheme, below we will provide the Shareit apk value / exchange rate to the rupiah balance. details, please check below.

  • 10 Coins = 1 Rupiah
  • 100 Coins = 10 Rupiah
  • 1,000 coins = 100 Rupiah
  • 10,000 coins = 1000 Rupiah
  • 100,000 coins = 10,000 Rupiah
  • 1000.000 coins = 100.000 Rupiah

That’s the value scheme for the ShareIt Apk coin when it is exchanged for IDR (rupiah) for this fast file sharing application. If you look at the comparison between the two is quite obvious. But because this is an event that can end at any time. We think this value is appropriate.

Speaking of coins, one of the ways to get coins in this app is by checking in daily or by entering a code. Well, for those of you who haven’t entered the referral code, use this code ID2HowZEZO.

By using this code, you will get 1,420 coins or the equivalent of 142 rupiah. Good enough to erode the minimal deficit withdraw share it application. Also Read: How to Get Free Credit on Share it

How to Calculate ShareIt Coins to Rupiah Balance

As we have explained below. That 10 shareit coins are valued at only 1 rupiah. So, if the user wants to withdraw credit with a nominal value of 15,000, then you need to collect 150,000 coins.

Counting coins on ShareIt is actually not that difficult. There is a formula that you can use as a reference to calculate the conversion of this coin value to IDR. Here is the formula:

Formula : (Number of Coins) : 10 = (Total Balance)

For example, 1 successful invitation can be worth 20,000 coins. So if we calculate using the formula above, it looks like this: 20,000 coins: 10 = Rp. 2,000,-
The value of your income if you can invite 1 friend is equivalent to 2 thousand rupiah.

Imagine if a day can be 10 people? Surely you can get 20,000 rupiah pulses just by looking for 10 new users. Great isn’t it?

That’s the information we can convey regarding the value of 1 shareit coin, how many rupiahs can we convey. Hopefully the information above can provide an overview for shareit users who are curious about the exchange rate of coins to rupiah in this application. Thank you and hopefully useful.