10 Ways to Add a Smartfren Payment Method to the Play Store

Portalsitaro.com – Are you looking for a tutorial on how to add a smartfren payment method on the play store? If yes, you are on the right site. Because, on this occasion we will discuss about it.

Google Play does not only provide credit card or Google Play Gift Cart payment methods. Users can also use credit to make payments for applications, items, games and so on.

Almost all Indonesian operators can be used for payment processing on the Google Play Store. However, because in this article we are focusing on Smartfren cards. So for other operators, let’s skip it first!

Well, below we will provide information about adding a smartfren credit payment method in the Play Store application. So, please read carefully so as not to be wrong in carrying out the commands we have described below.

Smartfren Payment Method on Play Store

Actually, to add a smartrfren payment method on Google Play, it’s not much different from other card operators. Users need to get permission first to link the smartphone number into the Google account.

Also, make sure that the Google account that is an email must be associated with the Google Play app. So that the synchronization of smartfren numbers associated with email can run smoothly without a hitch.

For those of you who are curious to know how to add a smartfren card payment option on the Play Store. Here are the steps that need to be done.

How to Add a Payment Method Smartfren Play Store Application

Before going to the core of the discussion, make sure your Smartfren card is located on SIM 1. In addition, the Play Store application that you are using is the latest version. Also, all application permissions are active.

To check whether you have received permission or not, please enter the HP ‘Settings Menu’. Then, in Application Management or Application Info, please see if the Google account is linked or not. If so, please follow the instructions below.

  1. First, please check if the card 3 that you put on SIM 1 is already listed in the Play Store application. How: open the P Store app, then go to the ‘Payments & Subscriptions’ option. Click ‘Payment Method’ to continue.
  2. At this stage users will see various payment options on the Google Play Store, such as adding mobile card billing, debit & credit cards, ShopeePay, Dana, Doku, and others.
  3. If the option ‘Add Smartfren Billing’ does not exist. Please follow these steps:
  • Go to Settings Menu or Settings
  • Go to Applications Menu or Apps
  • Look for Manage Applications or Manage Apps
  • Look for the Play Store app.
  • On the Play Store apps info menu, please search for ‘App permissions’.
  • Then activate the option ‘call and SMS’.
  • Then the Add Smartfren Billing method will appear in the Google Play Store payment method column.
  • Make sure the user opens the Play Store application from the application directly, not from the window (application browsing history) embedded in the background of the cellphone.
  • Now, after the Google Smartfren card payment method appears, please click the Add Smartfren Billing option.
  • Next, click accept (enable) on Smartfren billing information.
  • Please confirm the bill by filling in the provided name and post code fields. for zip code, you can not fill it.
  • If you have click Save (save).
  • After you save, the Smartfreen number on SIM1 on your cellphone has become a payment method option on the Google Play Store. Happy!
  • Smartfreen Payment Method Not Available

    Sometimes we find the notification that the Smartfren payment method is not available when we want to pay mercent via the Play Store.

    This could be due to various reasons. From the Smartfren card, permission has not been given to the Play Store application, or indeed there is no payment option via the Smartfren credit line.

    Please check first whether the Mercent provides the option to pay using smartfren pulses. If there is, but PS does not provide the option to pay bills using smartfren credit, please contact the Play Store contact.

    How, easy isn’t it to link the smartfreen card as a google payment method. Now, you can make payments on Google Play via smartfren cards. So, it’s easier in transactions for all ages.

    The essence of paying Google Play with smartfren credit is actually 3, namely making sure the smartfren card is in the first SIM, making sure the Google account is associated with the Play Store application, and making sure there is a method to add smartfren bills in the Bills and subscription options.

    That’s the information we can convey regarding how to add a Smartfren payment method on the Play Store. Hopefully some of the information we share is useful for you. Thank you and hopefully useful.