10 Ways to Be Live Attractive, Fun & Liked by People

Become instantly liked by many people – When you can have a good direct, interesting and fun then many people will feel comfortable around you and that means you will be liked by many people. So what is meant by personality? Personality is the typical example of thoughts, feelings, and attitudes that make a person unique. Most people’s judgment would be that someone has a “good personality” meaning that person will be interesting and fun.

Everyone wants to be attractive and likable to other people right? For that, having a good personality is very important not only will make you directly attractive and fun but it will also make it easier for you to build better social relationships. There are even studies that show that about 85 percent of success and happiness will be the result of how well you interact with people other than abilities, talents and intelligence. Your personality will determine whether people will be attracted to, or away from you. We can develop or integrate our personality so that it becomes more interesting, fun and liked by many people and here are some tips.

Be a good listener
There’s nothing more exciting than having someone who listens to your conversation attentively making you feel like you’re the only person in the world. Being a good listener will explain that you are not a selfish person who only wants to talk about topics that you think you are good at but become a person who appreciates being a good listener, someone who is willing to hear things from the other person’s point of view and give others the opportunity to express their opinion. When you want to be a good listener there will be lots of people willing to share what they know and to exchange views with you.

Be a good speaker
Always learning how to have a good conversation with other people. Our conversations will provide opportunities for others to read about ourselves. If you can speak well, convey everything honestly, give other people a chance to speak, don’t interrupt, listen to what other people have to say then it gives the impression that you are direct, nice, interesting and fun. Read also tips for learning communication well.

Have an opinion
There’s nothing more tiring than talking to someone who doesn’t have an opinion on something or just talking about something monotonous. Having new ideas or ideas and bringing them into the conversation will make the conversation not dry and fun, and if you can make the conversation interesting and fun, many people will feel comfortable chatting with you for a long time.

Meet lots of people
Make an effort to meet new people especially those who are not like you. It not only exposes you to different cultures and alternative ways of doing things, it also broadens your horizons. In addition to adding friends and adding insight from new people, it will make the kinship that you stand will become wider.

Be yourself
Because each of us is unique, expressing that uniqueness is what makes us attractive. Someone who doesn’t have principles and just goes with the flow where it will lead is enough to make others think you’re not an interesting and fun person to be.

Have a positive outlook and attitude
Who wants to be around people who are negative, complain a lot, or don’t have a good attitude? In fact, most of us will run away or run away when we see them coming. On the other hand, being the type of person who is optimistic, full of enthusiasm, has real behavior will become a magnetic energy that can attract people around us to come closer. real habits that make you happy.

Everyone enjoys someone who makes them laugh, or smile, so that they can melt their frozen state.

Likes to help others
Helpful or fond of helping others are the most charming qualities you can integrate into your personality. Just as you feel, what if in trouble or trouble someone else helps you? Of course you will be grateful and happy right! It’s the same for other people when they get help or protection when they need it most. Being able to help others who are in need is a satisfaction and happiness in itself not only for those you help but you yourself will also feel the same.

Treat people the same way you want
If you want others to be honest with you, want others to respect and respect you or treat you well then you must also do the same to them. yours faithfully.

We humans have the power and ability to shape the personality we want. When we develop ourselves with an attractive and fun personality then it will contribute not only to our own but also to the happiness of others. And if you can make a lot of people happy with your attitude then you will become instantly attractive, fun and liked by many people.