10 Ways to Get Rid of Scratches/Scratches on Laptop Screens

Portalsitaro.com – The use of laptops in this millennial era has spread to various circles, both the upper, middle and lower classes. Many use laptops for personal, commercial and other purposes. So this tool is needed as a supporter of individual activities.

When using a laptop, sometimes users don’t realize that objects around them can make scratches on the laptop. Whether it’s on purpose or because of his own negligence, so that the laptop becomes scratched.

The thing you don’t want is when the scratch hits the laptop screen, just like there is a pen scribble on the screen. Although it is not permanent, it will more or less interfere with our activities in front of the screen.

To overcome this or if the laptop has scratches that are not too severe, we will try to provide information about how to remove scuffs/scratches on laptop screen. For complete information, please see the full review below.

How to get rid of Scratches/Scratches on a Laptop Screen

1. Using Vaseline

Perhaps many people are wondering, aCan you really use Vaseline to clean scratches on a laptop screen? Or maybe this method is just a trick of people who are malpractice?.

If you don’t believe that Vaseline can get rid of it, maybe we haven’t seen some of its shows on YouTube.

Vaseline can indeed remove these scratches, but there are some additional ingredients that need to be added. So here we will provide the steps that need to be done to use this method:

  • First, look for microfiber cloth or similar material.
  • Then give isoprphyl alcohol liquid and plain water with a 50:50 percentage.
  • After the two are mixed, rub it on the monitor screen slowly and gently. This is useful for cleaning dirt, dust, which sticks to the laptop screen.
  • Lastly, apply vaseline enough on the screen that is affected by scratches. Then remove the residue with a clean cotton or soft cloth. Do it carefully so that the process can run optimally.

2. Using Egg White and Alum

If the first method doesn’t work, the user can use this method to remove the scratch. However, you need to prepare the ingredients first. The materials needed are also not difficult to find, namely eggs, alum, cloth microfiber and aluminum foil.

To use it, first prepare one egg, separate the egg white and the yolk. Mix it with 1 spoonful of alum in a saucepan. Heat until it hits 150º fahrenheid. Then enter microfiber cloth into the mixture, the last step is to put it back in aluminum foil.

Dry the cloth and rinse with clean water. Repeat the following method three times and let the cloth dry, approximately the time it takes is 2 days 2 nights, from the beginning of making to the end of drying. Finally clean the screen with the cloth gently and slowly.

3. Using Toothpaste

Many people think that toothpaste is only used to clean teeth, even though there are other things that can be used from toothpaste. One of them is cleaning the screen from scratches.

For the record, the toothpaste used for cleaning is not in the form of a gel, but a form of paste that is commonly used by people. The alkaline nature contained in toothpaste can make scratches fade, and look like they used to.

For how to use it is quite easy:

  • Prepare a cotton swab, clean cloth, or tissue. Then apply a little toothpaste on the laptop screen, use one of the three materials (cotton, clean cloth, or tissue) as a cleaning medium.
  • Wipe the screen evenly and in a circle, then wipe it again with a clean, soft cloth with cleaning liquid to remove the remaining paste. Done

4. Using Vegetable Oil

Next is the easiest way for you to practice, because we only need vegetable oil and a clean cloth/tissue as the main ingredients. It’s easy. We just need to apply the oil to the screen that is affected by scratches slowly, then remove the remaining oil with a cloth or tissue that has been prepared. Easy isn’t it?

5. Using Eucalyptus Oil

Not much different from using vegetable oil, it turns out that eucalyptus oil can also be used to clean scratches you know. The method of use is not much different from the one above. Users are only asked to give a little eucalyptus oil on the screen, then rub gently using a dry cloth or tissue.

We also drip the oil on a tissue and then clean the screen using the mixture. Clean thoroughly, yes, so that the results can be obtained optimally. Finally, wipe it with a clean cloth to remove the stickiness on the screen.

6. Using a Pencil Eraser

This sixth method requires a new pencil eraser, try one that is not related to the pencil for maximum results. Don’t forget microfiber cloth, ispropyl fluid and plain water with the terms 50:50. Same as the first method using Vaseline as the medium.

For how to use it, rub the two mixtures (isprophyl fluid and plain water) to the laptop screen slowly, can be the entire screen or focus on the scratches only. After that, wait for it to dry, then use the eraser as a finishing touch to remove it. Finally clean with a cloth.

7. Using Baby Powder

Not only is it easy to get baby powder, it is also widely sold at low prices. Another amazing thing is that baby powder can be used to clean a screen that is scratched due to user negligence. Although not very effective, this method can somewhat reduce the impact of scratches.

Users only need to mix baby powder with a little water, stir until thickened. After the shape has become a paste, then apply it on the screen gently and slowly. If it is evenly distributed, wipe with a clean cloth to remove the remaining powder.

To use this method, the user is expected to be able to minimize the presence of water in it, this is done because electronic devices are very sensitive to water. Unless your laptop screen has been protected with anti-scratch or other protective materials.

After we know how to remove the blisters that occur on the laptop screen. We will also provide some tips that you might be able to do so that the same mistakes don’t happen again.

  • First make sure the place we use for typing is sterile from various sharp objects and dirt.
  • Keep the laptop screen away from objects that can cause scratches, such as mineral water, pens, pencils and so on.
  • Use an anti-scratch or screen protector on the laptop you are using.
  • Do not put the laptop in a bag that is too full. Pressure caused by jostling objects can scratch or crack the screen.
  • Don’t use several tools at once, for example, if you already have a laptop, don’t use your cellphone to play. Due to circumstances multitasking This can make a person careless and prone to make mistakes.
  • Lastly, concentrate.

Those are a few tips that we can provide, hopefully they can help you to minimize the occurrence of errors for the sake of other mistakes. Actually, not only on laptop screens, these tips can be applied, but on other devices such as PC and HP monitors

That’s the surefire way to get rid of abrasions / scratches on the laptop screen. Hopefully this information can help you to solve this problem. If it turns out that the laptop screen is still experiencing similar problems, maybe the scratches have reached the inside of the screen, and need special care to remove them.