10 Ways to Have Fun Chat With Girls & Make Him Interested

Make fun and interesting dialogues with women – I don’t know what title is perfect for sharing these tips and methods hehehehe…Basically how to make women feel comfortable and interested in the dialogues that we make. Most of the men will feel nervous to make an interesting dialogue with the woman they are approaching. So generally the dialogue will feel dry, run out of ideas to talk about something fun and the dialogue becomes uninteresting. Well, if the dialogue starts to run uninteresting, of course the woman you are talking to becomes bored.

Opening an interesting dialogue and making an impression on a woman is certainly not an easy thing, especially since we just got to know her, yet we don’t know what dialogues make her happy and memorable. But calm down this time I will share from my friend who I think is a “playboy” because he often succeeds in making women interested in the dialogue he makes. So, here are tips and ways to have fun chatting with women and make them interested in the dialogue you make:

Have Fun Chat With Women & Make Her Interested

Create dialogues in your own style
Most women like men who are confident, giving their own expression in a pure, unpretentious manner. You don’t have to be someone else or create dialogue as if you look “genius”. Just show you’re confident with your dialogue and that’s enough to open an interesting dialogue and make it memorable.

Creating dialogue that provokes “Sympathetic & Emotional”
You need to know that most women will prioritize their feelings over their logic. If you can open up his sympathy and emotional feelings you will succeed in creating interesting dialogue and will make it memorable. Chats like this you can make by telling your childhood, your experiences (both happy / sad) your goals, etc. This type of conversation is preferred by women than you talk about your strengths such as what achievements you make, how rich you are, how many strengths you have etc. To make it more interesting, it’s your turn to ask the same topic that I shared above to explain that you are also listening, not just talking.

Give them a chance to talk
Like I shared in the point above, to give you a sense of selflessness, give the woman you talk to with a chance to take part in it. If the girl is shy enough then provoke them by asking everything about her maybe her experiences, memories or asking anything about her. but you also have to remember there is a line between someone’s privacy, don’t force something they don’t want to answer.

Leading chat
To create an interesting dialogue and impress or interest women, you must be able to lead the conversation. You have to know when to ask and when to answer. If you can lead this dialogue the women you talk to will be impressed with you.

Seduce her
Seduction in the sense that you can create a dialogue that makes him sympathize and feel appreciated. So seduce within the specified level or limit lest your seduction is considered “crazy”. If you think they are just gossiping, of course it will make them uncomfortable.

Watch his attitude
Pay attention to the non-expressive behavior or direction of the woman, towards you. Women feel comfortable or can not be seen from his attitude to respond to your dialogue. If you get to know him or talk to him, and make him feel uncomfortable in any way… he will send you a hint. Change your dialogue tactics so that he doesn’t look uncomfortable, but you just keep on babbling, maybe instead of being interested he even runs away from you hehehehe…

Make dialogue interesting and fun
Most women like men who chat humorously. But you should also know that “Happy doesn’t mean Funny.” So if you feel you can’t make jokes then don’t do it or you’ll look stupid. Women are attracted to men who are funny and fun, but if you don’t find it funny then it’s enough to make women feel comfortable with your dialogue. Don’t concentrate on how to come up with the funniest jokes. Concentrate on how to bring them joy and comfort.

Women like men who can create emotionally close dialogue. Women will go crazy with men who dare to take the conversation to a direct, intimate level. But you have to pay attention to which limits you still have to keep.

Tell me what you think about them
Women like to hear what people think about themselves. Tell him your observations about him.

Use statements instead of questions
Instead of saying “where are you from” it is better to say “You look like you don’t come from here.” This allows you to make observations about him and express your personality.

Well maybe that’s all I can say first, if you have other experiences about how to have fun chatting with women and make them interested, please add them in the comment form that has been provided, thank you and happy “hunting” the woman you are approaching.