10 Ways to Know He’s Your Soulmate

Talking about who our soul mate is is not easy, because indeed a mate is secretly God. Matchmaking is a mystery that will never end and will not run out to be discussed. But there are several ways to find out that he is the right mate for you but this is also not an accurate result because once again as I said above that mate is in God’s hands and no one knows for sure who our real soul mate is.

We can predict or predict who our soul mate will be but we can’t be sure. As quoted from hipwee.com, here is how to estimate who is the right match for us:

10 Ways to Know Your Boyfriend Is the Right Match

Unite Without Much Effort
Different from most of your ex’s who are on and off or need a lot of struggle to get it, even with hard struggles but the results are separated too, now the right mate is usually able to establish a relationship without needing much effort (yes, the name is also a mate) can be found anywhere, can be in a public library , in the campus environment, tourist areas or anywhere. Even without attracting his attention you can attract his attention. Likewise him, you immediately feel connected and suitable when chatting. Although usually you are rarely able to directly make friends with strangers.

Calm and rarely fight
If with your ex you often fight, keep quiet or cry a lot because he did things that hurt your heart. Fight a little bit, fight then make up. Drama, often brought up by couples who are unable to face their problems maturely. Overreaction that seems dramatic is a substitution of the desire to talk that can not be communicated properly. Well if you find your soul mate it means when you meet people who are old enough in mind, who can solve all your problems without a drama

Your Family And Friends Practically Accept It
Well, people say that someone has arranged a match, but that’s true. All processes seem to go smoothly, such as your friends agreeing to this one girlfriend or family easy to get with open arms unlike your ex who has to hide and seek to meet, have to lie to your parents when going out, etc. Your previous ex-girlfriend couldn’t easily melt into a warm conversation with your uncle and aunt at family gatherings. Previously, you had never established a relationship with him who was directly able to connect with your friends.

You Can Get His Weirdness and Magic
He’s not as handsome or as beautiful as your favorite Hollywood artist. Sometimes he can turn into a selfish and annoying creature. You also often resent when he is late or impolitely blows his nose in front of you. The partner you are currently with is not as perfect as the person you desire. But you feel all the shortcomings are reasonable and it’s okay to be accepted. There is no fundamental trait that is so opposite to yours. You feel he doesn’t need to change to be able to walk by your side. With him you can understand even though there won’t be the right person but there are people who can sincerely accept your weakness.

Capricorn’s Relationship Is Getting Closer. Not just a boyfriend, he can also be a good friend
The most terrible thing about losing your partner right now is not feeling lonely because no one is watching you sweetly anymore. More than that, losing him also means losing a good friend. He’s the one you can talk to. Someone who can listen to you and give you honest feedback.

A good sign that he is your soul mate is when your relationship has grown from just sweet love between a boy and a girl to the companionship of a pair of best friends. In him you will find the love of a lover, plus the comfort of being yourself that you feel when you are with friends. Anyway, your partner on this one is indeed a complete package.

Your Life Towards a Better Direction With His Assistance
There won’t be a mate sent by God to change you for the worse, right? Someone who is already set for you will automatically improve you. Since you were with him you feel a lot of significant changes in a more positive direction. If in the past you were a bit reluctant to work, his presence is now an encouragement for you to be more active.

To convince yourself whether he is your soul mate or not, try to look again at your personal development after setting it together. If you don’t change after being in a relationship, then your commitment needs to be evaluated. But if you and he are both developing towards a better direction together, this is a positive signal. Congratulations on accompanying each other towards the hope you desire, yes.

You don’t have to lose another life just because of the relationship you’re in
Isn’t there a correlation that makes the two people who are in it don’t have time for their social life? Where are you alone with your boyfriend? Sometimes you forget a hobby that you used to really enjoy. Yes, how do you want to hang out with friends or pursue a hobby, from time to time you have to bother taking care of dramas that are less important.

A good match shouldn’t leave you emotionally exhausted. Instead of demanding a lot, you and he have been able to find a middle ground to make a balanced relationship. With him, you still have time to play with your friends, you still have room to enjoy yourself with your hobbies.

Not only love each other, you also share the same dreams and life goals
The person who can accompany you is he who is willing to develop the purpose of living together. If it’s a mate, you and he will be able to tolerate to realize the hopes of both. No matter how much you love someone, if your outlook on life is different, in the end, everything will end. To be more convincing, try to invite your partner to talk lightly about what kind of life they want to live in the future.

Do you both want to live a simple life but full of benefits for others? Or your wishes and he is actually very opposite? You want to work anywhere as long as you are rich, he is super idealistic and doesn’t want to work in a multi-national company that is allegedly tax evasion. If it turns out that you and he do not have the same view of life, it could be that you are just destined to intersect without having to be side by side forever.

With Him, You Feel Able To Live The Future
Logically living alone in sacred agreement with a stranger we only know a fraction of the time we live should be terrible. How can you trust someone you don’t know about? Who can guarantee that he is not a former yakuza who killed many people in the past?

With him who is indeed outlined to be your soul mate, the future together will actually look happy. Even though the mortgage is expensive, the children’s school fees soar, the chaos of the country has not been resolved — but with him you know everything will be fine. You can even imagine that he will be a good father or mother to your children in the future.

He Makes You Willing to Stop Looking. He’s not perfect, but your life isn’t complete if it’s not him who accompanies you
In the end, faith cannot be exchanged for anything. When you meet someone who is destined to be your soul mate you will feel like a bottle cap meets the thread: “click!”. Without the need for many reasons you will be sure that he is the right one to be the finish line of your adventure so far.

At the end of the day, you’ll be leaning on each other’s backs. Sharing tired, telling silly incidents that have been faced since morning, grateful. His decision stops at you, your willingness to stop at him makes you two people who feel the most fulfilled in the world. Well, what now? Are you increasingly convinced that he is your soul mate, or are you starting to get nervous because it doesn’t seem like it? Whatever it is, have a nice love life