10 Ways to Link a Learning ID Account to SIMPKB

Portalsitaro.com – For those of you who want to know a tutorial about how to link an ID learning account to Simpkb, you are in the right place. Because, in this article we will discuss about it.

Julybe many people don’t know that the .id learning account can be used as access to the PKB SIM. In addition to the username and password used to access this service, users can use a learning.id account to login to the username and password.

So, how do I link the Learning Account as access to this PKB SIM, min? Is there a special trick to do it?

To find out more information regarding synchronization of learning id accounts with SIMPKB. Please read this article to the end to know the full details.

How to Link a Learning ID Account to SIMPKB

Here’s how to log in to SIMPKB using a learning id account as an alternative to logging in to this government education website.

  1. First, please open your Android or iPhone cellphone.
  2. Next, visit the Ministry of Education and Culture’s info gtk learning site by clicking the link below. https://gtk.learning.kemdikbud.go.id/
  3. Please try to use the learning ID account to enter the gtk learn info above.
  4. Incoming access will be redirected.
  5. Please login first with your usual username and password, to access the PKB SIM. If so, we will start setting up the linking of study accounts with SIMPKB. The method:
  6. Click on the user’s Profile Photo, then select Change Password
  7. Click Service Integration/More
  8. Click Link
  9. Select the .id learning account to be linked.
  10. Done

By doing the above, the process of linking the PKB SIM account with the .id learning account will be carried out. If so, then you can use a study account to enter the PKB SIM.

That’s the information we can convey regarding how to link the learning id account to this 2022 simpkb. Hopefully the little information we share is useful for all of you. That’s it and good luck. Regards!