10 Ways to Overcome Instagram Account Blocked Due to Age

Portalsitaro.com – Many incidents that happen to Instagram users that there will be blocking for users who have not reached the age. The incident on the IG account being blocked because of this age has begun to be uploaded by many users lately.

As a form of protection for children on content uploaded by adults who often show off wealth, intimacy, romance, nightlife and various other things.

It seems quite appropriate if the Instagram party starts to limit access for some people. Especially for minors who have already registered for this popular social media account.

Therefore, in its latest update, Instagram enforces an age restriction by blocking Instagram accounts that are still underage, which is approximately 13 years old.

If your iG account is one of several people who are deactivated for violating Instagram’s provisions. Julybe you can read this article to find out the detailed info.

Rules for Blocking Underage IG Accounts

The Instagram app strives to create a healthy environment for its users. The application, which is now held by Mark Zuckerberg, again provides a user age survey feature.

The hope is that Instagram can become a friendly social media application for all people at all ages. For this reason, IG has started blocking users who are under the age of 13 (underage).

In addition, the presence of the policy of blocking IG accounts under 13 is also the best form of service for loyal users of the Instagram application. The existence of this also makes it easier for ig to recommend posts according to their current age.

Policies that are quite useful to fortify children’s mentality from adult content which are now starting to be too vulgar are made by irresponsible people.

How to Overcome Instagram Account Blocked Due to Age

If your Instagram account is one of the affected by this policy, and you feel you can control various kinds of content that should not be watched by children. Julybe the method below can help you:

  1. Open an Instagram account on your Android or iPhone.
  2. If your account is affected by this new regulation, there will be a notification regarding a blocked IG account.
  3. Please tap on the ‘more’ option to continue.
  4. After that, a page will appear that you need to study. Click ‘Contact Us’ to proceed to the next step.
  5. After that, tap the ‘Yes’ menu if your Instagramu account is used for a business or represents a business. Tap ‘No’ if IG Account is Private.
  6. After that, please fill in the column provided by ig, which includes: full name or name used on Instagram profile
  7. Enter your account email and select your country of residence.
  8. Finally, click ‘Submit.
  9. There will be an incoming message that you include in the user’s Ig account login media email.
  10. Open it and follow the required commands. Done

By doing this, the Instagram account that is blocked because of age may be able to be used again as usual. It’s just that if you are really underage, it might be a bit difficult to return it.

How long has an Instagram account been blocked by Instagram?

In general, Instagram will freeze or deactivate someone’s ig account approximately 1-7 days from the first time it gets frozen. However, because the case in this article is the age limit. So, maybe IG won’t freeze it for too long.

It’s just that the account you use may be limited by the content that will come out. Adjusting the age of the user on the person’s Instagram account.

So, that’s the information we can convey regarding Instagram accounts being blocked because of age. Hopefully with this policy, IG users can be wiser in viewing content.

Basically, the presence of this policy is purely to keep the mental of minors, especially those under 13 years old, to be smart in viewing content. Because, as we all know, most of today’s social media apps mix up child and adult content.

Besides being not good for children’s minds, the content will also more or less have an impact on the people who see it. So, the ig account policy is blocked because we are underage, we fully support it. Thank you and hopefully useful.