11 Effective Ways to Maintain Marriage Harmony

Maintaining harmony in the family – Often a marriage promise that has been running for so long has lost a sense of harmony in it. They are too busy with their own work or activities. If this sense of harmony in the family is lost and allowed to drag on, it often results in divorce. And the factor of harmony in the family is what is suspected as the main cause of divorce in addition to economic factors etc.

As quoted from the Asian Parenting site, here are some simple tips that make your relationship with your partner more harmonious in the family. This harmony in the family will also be a good reference and role model for your children in the future, here are tips for maintaining harmony in the family.

Maintaining the Harmony of Marriage (family)

Balance between work and family
Needs are absolutely necessary in living a family, because economic factors also often cause problems or cracks in the family. But don’t make your busy work also erode the harmony in your family. Balance time between work and personal life. Take time and thought for your family, and don’t bring home problems at work. This is a form of time management for you, where you have to leave all thoughts about work when you get home, try to go home on time. Spending time in the office until late at night is a habit that disrupts the balance between family life and work.

You must be able to divide the right time between work and family no matter how busy you are. Always take your holidays or time off from work to make your family happy by taking a vacation, gathering with family or having dinner with your family. By being able to balance between family and work, the harmony in your family will be maintained.

Don’t forget the kinship with your partner even though you are busy with children
Usually after having children, the relationship between husband and wife is not like before, because the mother is busy taking care of the children. In fact, a good relationship between husband and wife affects the family atmosphere in which children grow and learn. Not only that, usually the mother has forgotten to take care of herself because the child is always number one. Take time on the sidelines of busyness to pamper yourself, because it is important for a woman’s happiness. A woman who always looks fresh and energetic brings an atmosphere of family warmth.

Agree with the same parenting principles
Most couples will charge child care to only one party as a reference for working fathers, mothers taking care of children, some even entrust their children to their grandmothers and grandfathers because each has a job. Many couples do not share the same principles of parenting. For example, in terms of training children’s discipline, religion, schools, etc. Compromise from heart to heart with a partner, so that there is no argument between children. If the father and mother have different views, the child will be confused which one to follow. Align and always communicate in how to raise your child. Your child is not only the responsibility of the father who makes a living or only the mother who takes care of and educates him every day but is the responsibility of the couple in educating and caring for him.

Accept all the advantages and disadvantages
Every human being is created to have their own advantages and disadvantages, that’s why the promise of marriage aims to unite 2 different hearts into one goal, namely to have a family. When dating maybe you will understand very little about your partner’s shortcomings because you will understand their strengths more so that you are attracted to your partner. but as time goes by from getting married to having children and in the future you will begin to understand the many shortcomings of your partner. Respect and appreciate all the shortcomings and strengths of your partner so that your family life or marriage vows will be more harmonious.

This is one of the important recipes in family life. No one is perfect, but couples are created to complement each other. Getting each other as they are, forgiving each other, and complementing each other, are a surefire recipe for a marriage.

Immediately end the dispute
It is a common thing that there are always debates, misunderstandings or carvings between fathers and mothers. Every marriage promise life there are disputes and that is very natural. Do not enlarge the dispute and immediately find a solution together. Don’t wait for the problem to get bigger, immediately solve the slightest problem or carving so that when you both enter the bedroom the problem has been resolved properly. Finish everything before the day changes, namely before going to bed at night. Then, do not bring up the dispute the next day, or when the next fight occurs. Don’t fight in front of children.

By waiting until the minors go to bed and go to school, the emotions of each party have calmed down more and are able to resolve disputes with a cool head. Children will be very easy to react or psychologically disturbed when they see or hear their parents fighting.

Sexual relations or intimate kinship in marriage vows are the main thing, because many divorces are caused by this factor. But that does not mean that the promise of marriage without sex always ends in divorce, but sex is the spice of marriage. If your relationship with your partner has worn out over time, revive your sex drive. Guaranteed, the wedding vows feel like new again. Intimate relationships are not just about releasing you and your partner’s desires, but rather to build a closer and better emotional and psychological relationship.

Intense communication
Always build communication with your partner, even if one of you is out of town on service and staying a few days, spend a minimum of 10 minutes talking to each other every day. No matter how busy you are at work, you always communicate with your partner at home even if it’s just an sms or fuel “What’s the little one doing” or “Dad hasn’t had lunch yet”. Little things like this can make the marriage vows more harmonious. Even at home, always have time to chat in a relaxed condition. For example, while watching TV, before going to bed, when having dinner, etc. The more time spent, the better to add to the happiness of the marriage. No matter how busy you are, or how tired you are, always make time to chat with your family even for a while before you go to bed.

Equal principles in managing finances
Statistics show that about 50% of married couples argue about finances. In fact, not a few divorces are caused by differences in financial principles. If one of you is the economical type and your partner is the extravagant type, of course finances will be a problem in marriage. Equal principles in the use of family money, so that finances will not be a big problem that reduces marital happiness.

give in to each other
The debate arises because each party feels right with his opinion. You don’t have to always be right and signal your partner wrong in every argument. Stubbornness and self-aggrandizement reduce the chances of understanding each other. Marriage is a long learning process. If one of them is in high emotion, give in first so that the atmosphere subsides. Even though you feel right with your opinion, listen to the opinion of the other side, namely from your partner.

Create the right atmosphere
Mutual respect, respect, love, understanding and love is a must so that the harmony of your marriage vows is maintained. Create a conducive, loving, and quiet atmosphere when dealing with conflict. Respect each other and always think about the future of the marriage vows and children. A comfortable atmosphere in the family is a good stress reliever when you or your partner just got home from work and feel tired.

Make your home & family the most comfortable place on earth
Did you know, 1 in 3 men cheat? No matter how good the relationship between husband and wife, if one of them cheats, anyone will be hurt and it can result in divorce. common causes of women cheating). Keep all possibilities of infidelity, one of which is a workaholic! This applies not only to men, but also to women. make your home and family the most comfortable area on earth, so that you become very comfortable at home and don’t need other people out there to entertain you (infidelity).

If you want something new outside the house, then take the time to relax, even if it’s not in a remote and expensive area. Or, once in a while plan to have dinner together in a romantic area, to rekindle the flames of a fading romance. Or you can outbound by camping in your yard with your partner and children, good luck, ok?