11 Simple Ways To Forget Someone (Ex)

Effective tips for forgetting an ex – The more we want to forget someone we once loved (ex) the more difficult it is for us to forget them, it’s always hard to remember hehehehhe… Even though the more we remember the more memories we have with him the more pain we feel (a little too much) hahahha… But whatever you feel, there are many ways you can do to forget someone who is no longer yours (ex. Actually forgetting someone who has been present in your life is not a perfect solution, there are good things that you can do to keep in touch and work together (connecting friendship) ) that is by forgiving and accepting (whether forgiving yourself or him) is the best way to be able to move on.

But for those of you who really want to forget someone ex so you can focus more on moving on and moving on with your life, here are some simple tips that can help you forget someone:

  1. Busy yourself with activities or activities that are useful or fun, by being busy with many activities that you can do then the possibility of your mind remembering someone you want to forget is slightly diverted.
  2. Take vacations or visit places you want to go (but don’t go to places that can evoke memories of you with your ex you know…)
  3. Exercising can also raise your mood this way your mind will be happier. When you do a lot of physical exercise your brain will produce more endorphins (brain chemicals that are responsible for producing feelings of pleasure, comfort and happiness). You can go jogging with friends, futsal, swimming or cycling.
  4. Don’t visit social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., besides being able to generate memories with your ex, a similar status status (about a broken heart) will trigger your feeling to stand up again. If you really can’t get away from social media then delete or block someone you want to forget, no cellphone, email, fuel and everything that can make you connect with them.
  5. Get rid of items that remind you of someone you want to forget like gifts, photos, flowers etc.
  6. Looking for new acquaintances may be possible from the references of your close friends, so you don’t get to know someone wrong… There are still many people out there who are more handsome or cuter than your ex, want to look for someone like Angelina Jolie, Christhine Steward (for boys), or Are you a girl who wants to know a virgin with a handsome face like Brad Prit, Justin Bieber or a lot of One Direction personnel hehehehe…
  7. Spend more time sharing stories or spending time with your family, friends or acquaintances. Or you can walk with them like shopping or visiting recreational areas just for relaxation.
  8. Listen to songs to stimulate your calmer mind. But don’t be a mellow song….
  9. If you keep remembering him at night, then just sleep, if you can’t sleep, read a book or novel until you get sleepy and close your eyes.
  10. Eating chocolate.. eating chocolate can stimulate the mood
  11. Cry if this can help you feel more relieved.. Crying isn’t always a crybaby…

So, if all of the above methods are still unable to forget your ex, then the last thing you can do is draw closer to God and pray. If you are a Muslim, take ablution water, pray and read the Qur’an, it’s guaranteed that your feelings of confusion will soon disappear hehehe…