11 Ways to Create a Higgs Domino Island Account Security Question

Portalsitaro.com – In this version update, the Higgs Domino Island card game presents various additional features, one of which is in terms of security level.

We think that the emergence of this level of security feature is quite helpful for players in securing the game accounts they manage. The reason is, not a few people have lost their accounts because of hack and so forth.

Talking about the new security features in the High Domino game, the developer of this application provides 2 models of security features, namely Connect to HP and Account questions. So players can choose which option they want to use.

Because this level of security feature is new, and not many people know about it. Therefore, in this article, we will provide a complete guide on how to install the higgs domino account security level that you want to use. Here is the full tutorial.

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How to Create a Higgs Domino Island Security Question

To set the security of the Higgs domino root account to be stronger, there are several steps you need to do, namely:

  1. First, please open your Higgs Domino Island account game.
  2. When in Game homeplease search the menu Icon List (three strip box)
  3. Next, click menu Padlock Icon.
  4. At this stage the user will be directed to Security Center.
  5. In this menu, please click Set.
  6. For players who have installed account security using a cellphone number, you will be asked to verify the account first. How: Click “Get” and wait until customer service Higgs Domino’s calling.
  7. After that we will be given Verification code through the telephone process.
  8. If you have got the code you want, don’t forget to click the option Send.
  9. Finally, please create a 3-question question for the security of your Higgs Domino Island account.
  10. Players can also change the questions as they wish, aka FREE. (just remember!).
  11. If so, please Send. Done

By following the steps above, now you have successfully created a question for Higgs Domino Island account security. So, the account remains safe even though it is being held by someone.

Solution Forgot to Answer Higgs Domino Island Account Security Question

For those of you who forgot the answer to the question you set for this Higgs Domino security method. Here we will also explain how to solve it.

  • Make sure your Higgs Domino Island account is connected to “E-mail or Mobile Number”.
  • Then visit Menu Service in the top right corner
  • Then tap on options Live Chat
  • Tap move to Live Chat
  • At this stage you will directly interact directly with customers service game higgs domino.
  • Once connected, please ask for help with the problem you are experiencing.

For example: I forgot the security answer for higs domino island, can you help me, min?

  • Wait for an answer from CS domino island. The question reset process will be responded to via email or cellphone number. Please follow the further instructions from the admin of this higgs domino island game.

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That’s the information we can convey about how to make questions in this Higgs Domino game. Hopefully, with a little information above, it will be easier for you to complete this popular game account security method. Thank you and hopefully useful.