12 Simple Tips to Overcome Down Spirits at the Office

Work in an office that is so crowded or busy often creates stress for us. And when stress arrives, one’s productivity will decrease and the results will be strong on performance. There are several things you can do to find happiness at work or in the office where you work. Working hard is expected but sometimes you need a moment of relaxation to grow your mood or spirit again so that work will be fun again and it will certainly improve your performance again.

Here are some ways to increase morale and joy at work or at work:

Prepare fun rewards for yourself
Trying to incentivize yourself with simple rewards can cause your spirits to regenerate. for example “If I finish this report and make it late today, then I can go out with a friend for a cup of coffee at my favorite coffee shop,” or “I can go to happy hour with friends tonight, but only if I’m late.” created this presentation. “You can even create a list of rewards or rewards to stay motivated for the week to come!

Fun game
Julybe when it comes to office breaks you can create fun little games that can regenerate your mood at work. Doodling on paper, drawing on unused blank paper, or playing puzzles at your desk for a few minutes can clear your head and spark your creativity and of course can get your spirits up again.

Display some of the things you like
There’s nothing wrong with displaying some of your favorite decorations or items on the office desk, this can make your mood improve. some items that you can display in your office space such as photos of your partner, your favorite toy knick-knacks, beautiful flowers and other items.

Listening to music
Serious music can improve your mood (and productivity) when you’re having a bad day and are too busy. So listening to some of your favorite songs is proven to be effective in improving your mood.

Surf the Internet
If you need a little push or something fun to rediscover your mood, there’s nothing wrong with watching funny videos on Youtube, chatting with friends on Facebook, Twitter or uploading your photos on Instagram. Try one of your favorite sites for more fun.

Relax for a while
If you are too late or find boredom in the office or work then you can try relaxation techniques for a moment to re-elevate your mood such as a few minutes of meditation, yoga in your spare time. A study conducted by Harvard Medical School and the Bender Institute for Neuroimaging in Germany found that recipients who never practiced meditation but began to experience stronger emotional control, as well as mental and emotional complementarity. So, close the office door or pop in the noise-canceling headphones, set a timer for five or 10 minutes, close your eyes, and just breathe relaxed.

outdoor viewing
Taking a short walk to look outdoors and breathe in the fresh air has been shown to improve your mood.

Eat Mood-Boosting Foods
If you haven’t had lunch yet or are looking for your lunch dish some of these foods and drinks can help regenerate your mood like chocolate, a cup of green tea, coffee, warm milk etc!

Drink enough water
When a person loses body fluids, it can reduce performance and cause feelings of laziness and saturation to appear. Now to overcome this, make sure to meet the adequacy of your body fluids by drinking lots of water, ideally 8-9 glasses or 1.5 L of water can meet your body’s fluid needs per day.

Smile & laugh
It’s hard to smile and laugh when you’re stressed or bored, but believe me, a little smile for everyone you meet at the office or a little laugh with your co-workers is proven to be effective in boosting your mood or enthusiasm.

Make sure your space or work area is clean
No need to wait for the cleaning service to clean your office desk or work area. When you feel your room is dirty then clean and tidy up immediately. because a dirty and unkempt room can lower your mood.

Make sure you get enough rest & exercise
A fit body of course will improve your performance so make sure your body is always fit and healthy by maintaining a quality sleep pattern and try to exercise or be physically active for at least 30 minutes every day. Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous, getting up in the morning and jogging around your house before you shower is proven to make your body healthy and grow your enthusiasm for work.