12 Ways to Change Fund Accounts on Lazada

Portalsitaro.com – Lazada application users who have linked their Dana account in this online shopping application may have thought about changing their Dana application number. But don’t know how to do it.

The problem of changing the Fund number on Lazada can be due to various reasons. Whether it’s the Dana’s number is lost, dead, or it can’t be used anymore for various reasons.

Well, below we will provide various tips on how to change a fund account on Lazada. So, the fund number that was previously linked in the Lazada application can be changed to a new number. For more detailed information, please check below! Also Read: Meaning Your Package Has Entered Our Logistics Facility Lex ID on Lazada

How to Change Fund Account on Lazada

Please note, when we asked through the Twitter application regarding the change of the Fund number to Lazada Indonesia CS. They gave an answer that the user could not change the fund account number.

Lazada Indonesia CS provides the reason that one phone number can only be connected to one account. This means, we cannot change the Fund number that is already associated with this online marketplace application.

However, users need not worry about this. Because, below we will provide tips and tricks to be able to change the number that is already linked. Please use the method below to do this.

How to Change Fund Account Number on Lazada

To change the number associated with the Lazada application, it’s actually not that hard to do. Because users only need to do a few steps to be able to make it happen. The method:

  1. Please enter the Settings Menu, then search for the Lazada application.
  2. Delete, data storage in Lazada. So this application looks like new.
  3. To make it more optimal, please update first if there is a version update on the App Store or PlayStore.
  4. If so, please log in like creating a new account.
  5. Enter the new Fund number that you have prepared.
  6. When you have successfully entered the Lazada application. So please place an order. (this serves to bind the new fund number)
  7. When the item has entered the ‘Trolley Menu’, please check out the item.
  8. Then click ‘Create Order’.
  9. Now, in the Payment Method menu, please click the ‘Funds’ option.
  10. Don’t forget to include the address.
  11. If so, please click ‘Create Order’ again.
  12. At this stage the user will be redirected to ‘Lazada Credit Activation’. Enter the new Fund number in the column provided along with the code sent by Lazada.

That way you have successfully linked the new Dana number in the Lazada application account. Now you can make transactions using the payment method via the Dana digital money wallet. Happy!

Questions About How to Change Fund Account Number on Lazada

Here are some questions that we accommodate from the problem of wanting to change the Dana number that has been connected in this Lazada application.

  • Can I change the fund number that is already linked to the Dana application without changing my Lazada account? No, Lazada only applies 1 number for one account.
  • Is it necessary to place an order to associate a Dana account in the new Lazada? Yes, as a media to link Dana’s account to Lazada.
  • Is it necessary to delete data in the Lazada application if you want to change the Dana account? No, you can also log out of the previous account and re-enter with another account that has not registered a Fund number in it.

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That’s the information we can convey regarding how to change the Dana account in Lazada 2022. Hopefully the little info we share is useful for all of you. Especially for people who are looking for this guide.