12 Ways to Get Rid of Laziness & Create a More Productive Life

Laziness is one of the biggest factors of failure. Laziness makes a person unproductive, reluctant to get out of his comfort zone and causes life to become disorganized. Laziness is the main enemy of productivity. Someone who likes to be lazy, likes to procrastinate, or when they are generally unproductive (productive) and not successful in the future.

Laziness prevents someone from accomplishing meaningful things that they can hand in hand, or even if we do them, we do them half-heartedly or by compulsion. Here are some tips that you can try to overcome laziness and make your life more productive:

Get Rid of Laziness

Make a to do list or schedule for tomorrow
Making a schedule of activities that you will do the next day before going to bed will make tomorrow’s planning more organized and organized. You have plans of activities that you will do tomorrow, so there will not be much time wasted.

Make sure to get enough sleep
Sleep is the perfect time for our body to recover the energy and mind that we use during the day’s activities. Meeting the need for time to sleep will make our bodies more fit, fit and excited. Lack of rest or sleep will cause a feeling of laziness to appear, sleepy during the day, unfocused (lack of concentration), the body gets tired quickly, practically stressed, the mood changes practically and the main thing is that the body is weak and practically gets disease because the immune system decreases.

Sleep is a very important activity to help us create and improve memory (focus and concentration), maintain the body’s immune system, and make us energized when awake.

Keep all electronic items out of the room or when doing activities
Gadgets, internet, tv or other electronic goods are one of the causes that distract us and make us procrastinate. Make sure to keep gadgets or other electronic items away when working or doing activities. Your room should also be a electronics-free zone that helps you fall asleep faster.

Keep stress away and start your day with a peaceful moment
When going to sleep throw away negative thoughts, anxiety, worry, stress and other negative thoughts. In addition to making your sleep not sound, these negative thoughts will also have an impact when you wake up, you become lazy and reluctant to do anything. Take a few minutes every morning to do self-reflection and be grateful for what you have. You will be more motivated to go through the days and get your spirits back up. Before opening the door and going out, take a deep breath and reflect on the good things in life. This brief moment will give you perspective on what time means to you, and make your goals and objectives less intimidating.

Don’t forget exercise in the morning
Lazy can also appear answers to health problems, the body is weak and not fit. With regular exercise, especially in the morning this will help your body in a fit state and increase body metabolism. With a healthy body, fit and fit you can carry out any activity you want to do. Exercising regularly in the morning and releasing sweating, will also help release endorphins or brain chemicals that are responsible for feeling happy, happy, calm and provide extra encouragement that shows the right behavior and physical ability to overcome the challenges of the day.

Take a break if needed
Our bodies are not like machines that can be driven every day without stopping. Take a break if it is necessary. Taking a few minutes for a walk or socializing will give your mind a chance to rest. Also use your vacation time or leave to rest or take a vacation to refresh your mind.

Drink more water
So many benefits of water. Water helps our bodies hydrated, removes toxins and chemicals from the body, and also helps the mind to work properly, focus and concentrate. Drink more water, for a healthier body and mind. A healthy body and mind will help you prevent laziness from appearing.

Stop Multitasking!
Multi-tasking or doing everything simultaneously and continuously it will drain our energy and mind in the impression it will only make a feeling of laziness arise and as a result we are not productive. When you keep switching from one thing to another, nothing will get your full attention. You are more likely to make mistakes when you do several things at the same time. It’s better if you focus on one thing until it’s finished before starting to work on something else. This way you will be able to practically track what things you have done and what have not.

Set a minimum time limit to get started
The hardest thing is to get started – the rest will be easier. So decide on a little time, like 15 minutes or even 5 minutes, and start working on the task until the time is up. After that, it will be more practical to decide to continue. By setting a minimum this will get rid of feelings of laziness and procrastination.

Create a sense of urgency
Someone will be lazy to do something or delay procrastinating because they think it is not too important or should not be done. Create the urgency or necessity of the things you want to do today.

Look at the benefits and consequences
You certainly have an idea what kind of answer comes from being lazy and the benefits you can get when you are diligent. So focus your thoughts on the benefits and answers that arise when we are lazy.

Minimize idle time (empty)
State your determination to minimize idle or idle time. Try to do something as often as possible. If you have this mindset, it will be more practical to overcome laziness.