13 Ways To Take Money At Shopeepay Via Indomaret

Portalsitaro.com – How to withdraw money at ShopeePay via Indomaret is actually not that difficult. we can withdraw funds without the need to use intermediaries such as applications or domestic bank accounts.

For Shoppe application users who have a lot of ShopeePay balances and want to withdraw the money. So in this article we will provide information on how to do it.

So that the activity of withdrawing money on ShopeePay to be withdrawn through Indomaret is successful. Please follow the guidelines that we have listed below so that you don’t make a wrong step in disbursing your balance to Indomaret.

How to take money at Shopeepay via Indomaret

Here are things you have to do if you want to cash out and change your ShopeePay balance into money through the Indomaret store intermediary. Please read slowly so you don’t make a mistake.

  1. Please open a Shopee application account on your Android or iPhone.
  2. On Shopee Home, please click the ‘Me’ option. Then then search for ‘ShopeePay’.
  3. If you haven’t verified your account, please do so first. To do this, click the ‘Settings’ option then select the column ‘Verify KTP or KITAS’.
  4. After successfully verifying your ID card, a new page will appear. And click the ‘ShopeePay’ menu, then click the ‘Withdrawal’ option.
  5. At this stage the user needs to select a payment method. Because the focus of this article is transactions to Indomaret outlets. Please select Indomaret.
  6. After that, click ‘Confirm’.
  7. Don’t forget to enter your ShopeePay account PIN.
  8. Information related to the money withdrawal process at Shopeepay will appear via Indomaret. Please save this information for withdrawal purposes.
  9. The transaction in the application has been completed, now please go to the nearest Indomaret outlet.
  10. After arriving at the destination, go to the cashier to say that you want to Withdraw money from ShopeePay.
  11. Wait for the cashier to request data related to cash disbursement. Please provide the information needed by the cashier for the process of withdrawing money at ShopeePay via Indomaret.
  12. After the data is successfully entered, you will be charged an admin fee of 2500 rupiah.
  13. After the process is complete, the cashier will give money according to the nominal amount you want to disburse.

That’s the process of taking money from Shopeepay using Indomaret outlets. Now you can find out step by step this money disbursement. So, if you want to do it again next time, just repeat again as above.

Advantages of Taking ShopeePay Money at Indomaret

Julybe some Shopee users don’t know that if you use the method above you can get advantages over other disbursement methods. Then, what are the advantages of this, min? please check below!.

  • Easy and simple process
  • Transactions are safe and minimal failure.
  • Low transaction admin fees.
  • The process of withdrawing money is easy and will be assisted by Indomaret cashiers.

That’s the information we can convey when you want to take ShopeePay balance through Indomaret. Follow the guidelines we provided above so that the transaction process runs smoothly.

One of the easy methods of withdrawing money from shopeePay other than banks is using the services of Indomaret or Alfamart. Because, we just provide information on disbursement of money to the cashier only. For further processing by the Indomaret. Thank you and hopefully useful.