15 Best iPhone Widget Apps Right Now!

Best iPhone Widget Apps– Widgets have become very useful applications for all HP users, they will help facilitate various tasks that can be performed on Smartphones to save time. Among its main functions are teaching time, weather, data verification, notifications, news knowledge and sports results, and others.

Due to the importance of this app, Apple decided to incorporate an enhanced version into its operating system starting with the iPhone 8. This means that all users with applications greater than this can start having this type of application that will help them facilitate certain tasks. While in previous versions of iOS 11, this Widget was included, but only in the notification area. Therefore, improvements have been made and now they have better usability.

It is important to mention that, in the case of iOS devices, these applications cannot be used in the same way as in the case of Android, where they can be included in almost all functions of the mobile. On Apple’s operating system, this is a bit more limited. However, it is still a very important alternative for iPhone users. Therefore, we are going to show you what are the best apps for you to use on your iPhone.

Today there are many iPhone applications available in the App Store. Which you can use to facilitate its various functions on your Smartphone. Today, there are almost all kinds of widgets that let you create quick ways to interact with other applications installed on your computer.

In the case of iOS 10, this program can be added to your lock screen, started, in notifications and make quick actions through it, making it a very useful app for all users. Due to the great utilities that can be provided here, we present a list of the 15 best widgets that you can install on your iPhone.

Launcher with widgets

Currently, this application cannot be used because it can directly open the terminal settings options. However, if it can be used to directly open another desired application or as a shortcut to one of your contacts, either to make calls or send text messages.

Launcher is considered to be an excellent application for switching from one application to another on the mobile in a very fast and secure way.

Yahoo Weather

The climate app has always been one of the most important to install on any mobile device , because it brings users indispensable applications. This application has become the right hand of many users to be aware of the weather conditions day by day

Yahoo Weather is considered as one of the best iphone widget apps nowadays. Among its main features are excellent quality photos, current temperature, forecast of weather conditions around the clock, and meteorological information.


The main purpose of this application is to allow users to quickly find out, modify and access program activities, such as tasks, reminders, contacts, and others. Evernote is known as a shortcut app.


This app allows you to have better control over your smartphone’s battery, as it constantly shows you the status of your phone and which apps are consuming the most energy. Offers clock, GPS, barometer, weather forecast and weather separator, a very complete program, ideal for all users.

Whatsapp Messages

This app is ideal for all users who like the new WhatsApp. Currently, it is one of the most used on Android and iOS operating systems. If you are constantly using WhatsApp, this is an excellent alternative for you to be able to reply directly to your messages without having to enter them. In addition, you can still find out all the notifications from the best iPhone widget application.

ESPN SportsCenter

ESPN has become one of the best most useful and attractive iPhone widget apps for sports lovers. you can download it via App Store online it’s free and, with them, you can always know everything sport News, as well as the results and dates of the most important games.

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Basecamp 3

The ideal application for all those who work constantly who need to do some work. With Basecamp, you have the possibility to know all the tasks you have programmed to carry out any job or project. It basically serves as a reminder.


It will be specifically responsible for informing us about a file, image or video that we recently uploaded to the Dropbox cloud. Therefore, if you use this application, it will be very useful to install this application on your Smartphone.


A very simple, but very useful program, working directly with GPS and its functions to show which restaurants have fences and how to reach them. In addition, other interesting points will also be displayed that you can visit.


With SnapStats, you have the opportunity to stay informed with all the information on your device, both in terms of free space in GB, battery life and life, iPhone or iPad details, and RAM usage.


Work with Vidgets. The best iPhone widget apps today offer the possibility of having all kinds of apps in the middle of a notification. With Wdgts, we can get information about the performance of the battery, memory usage, quick access to the weather, calendar, calculator , among others.

Fantastic 2

With Fantastical 2, you have the possibility to have a calendar in the center of your iPhone’s notifications, where you will have the opportunity to know every event you have programmed on it.


This is one of the new widgets available for iOS 10. There, you can create different types of queries. It has a very attractive interface and is very useful.

Data Widgets

With the Data Widget, you will be notified about the data of the Internet connection you are using. Apart from knowing how good or bad the signal is and how fast it is to make sure that your navigation is the best.


With Musixmatch, you now have the possibility to start viewing the lyrics of a song you hear on Apple Music. Ideal for learning the songs you love in an easy and fast way.

As we know, this application is responsible for displaying important information more quickly, so users don’t waste time going straight to the application that you need to consult. Therefore, it is very interesting to have it on our Smartphone.

Currently, many users don’t know where to find and activate this widget on their iPhone. That’s why here we show you how you can do this:

These programs are usually displayed in the information favorite app you . To do this, just place your finger on the computer screen and swipe right home screen, block, or in notification queries. In one of these areas, you can do it.

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When you do this, you will be given a choice “To see more information about widgets” click on section “Other” next . If you want open or activate one of them, just click on the icon and it will be automatic applied to your system.

So I share the recommendations for the best widget applications for the iPhone today. If so, any other good app suggestions. Can comment below.