2 Causes of Failed OVO Balance Topup and Solutions

Do you have problems with topup failing at OVO? Things like that are generally very rare, but it is possible that it will happen to all users. But be aware that there are two types of possible causes for this problem to occur.

Julybe it doesn’t matter if the topup nominal is small, but it’s different if the nominal is very large and it is important to immediately use it for transactions in a certain area. merchant. For that, this article will explain at least two of the causes and also how to overcome them.

1. Account Is Exposed to Monthly Limit

OVO has provisions for the limit of transactions per month, which is a maximum of 20 million rupiah. The limit is only calculated from incoming transactions (incoming) to the account only. So basically your account can only receive money with a maximum of 20 million rupiah per month, either from topups or balance transfers from other accounts.

Monthly Transaction Limit at OVO

If it is more than that, the OVO system will automatically reject it, so for example you will topup through a Bank Account, it will definitely fail and the money will be returned without any deductions.

The solution is to wait for the restrictions to be reset, i.e 1st of next month. From then on, you can go back to doing the topup as usual. And if you want to know the remaining limit of the account, please contact the OVO support service, because the application is still not available.

2. Temporary Error of OVO System

Although this happens very rarely, at least I have experienced it myself, where topup transactions are automatically rejected by the OVO system and ultimately fail.

But OVO itself not sending notifications for this incident either via email or in the application, so I immediately contacted the support service and it turned out that there was a temporary system problem at that time.

Causes of Failed OVO Balance Topup

For this kind of problem, you just need to wait until the system is completely back to normal, and it is recommended to wait within 1 day to try to topup the balance again.

Oh yes, if at the time of topup, the balance has been written as sent but in OVO the balance does not increase, this also has something to do with the OVO system. And I highly recommend contacting the OVO support service for immediate action.

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From my experience using OVO, only these two things are the cause of the failure of the topup process. But there’s no need to worry, because you can still report it to the support service if the problem is serious enough.

In my opinion, OVO has a support service that is responsive to problems, it’s just that the follow-up process sometimes takes a long time and never ends.

Julybe in addition to the two above, there are other causes for the failed balance topup, and if you experience this, please share it in the comments column to help other users.

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