2 Easy Ways to Nobar on Whatsapp

Portalsitaro.com – Watching together (nobar) is fun. Especially with the “doi” or our own family. But unfortunately, during this pandemic, many people are not allowed to congregate, even some cinemas have not received permission to open.

Actually, we can do online activities through various kinds of applications in the Play Store and App Store, for example the WhatsApp application. However, sometimes we don’t know how to do it.

Therefore, in this short article, we will provide a brief guide on how to watch together on the WhatsApp application easily. Please read to the end to understand the steps.

How to Nonbar on WhatsApp

So that users can watch their favorite movies together with friends, girlfriends, family via the WhatsApp application. Of course there is a special trick to make it happen.

We can do nobar with 2-6 people at once without the help of other applications. In addition, we need another application to be able to do this. This is because the wa feature itself does not provide a legal download link for movies.

So, what application is needed to be able to watch movies together through this wa application, min?

The application we mean is YouTube. Because in this application there are various kinds of movie and anime uploads that you can watch together with the person you want to hang out with.

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How to Watch with the Latest Whatsapp Applications

We will provide 2 kinds of ways so that you can spread through the WhatsApp application, which we think is very easy to do. How:

Launch the WhatsApp application via YouTube

  • Open the YouTube app
  • Find a movie you want to watch together.
  • In the video section, there is a “share\share” button, please click it.
  • Then, select “copy link”. For the process of sharing the video.
  • Wait for the YouTube image to appear. To make sure the video link is live and can be used.
  • Then, send it to the contact you want to watch with.
  • Please open the link at the same time so that the activity of watching together via the WhatsApp application is realized properly.

That way you and your friends can watch together through this most popular online chat application. Done

How to Watch Together on WA via Video Call

Second, you can do movie watching activities by maximizing the features of the WhatsApp video call application. The steps are:

  • Open your WhatsApp application.
  • Call the person you want to watch with.
  • Set it into video call mode, so that you and the person you invite can see the movie you want to watch. (make sure the front camera yes!)
  • Finally, point your cellphone to the movie you want to watch. For example, from a digital TV, or another cellphone that is playing video.
  • Done.

By doing this, then you have successfully launched on wa without using other applications. Easy isn’t it?

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That’s the information about Pandu Nobar on WhatsApp that we can convey. We think the two methods above are very, very easy to do. Because we only need to provide media to be able to play football, Korean dramas, action films or others together.

Indeed, online activities are rarely carried out by people. Moreover, the average human likes to watch live together. (Essentially the file is better)

However, during this pandemic, it may be the best alternative to be able to carry out nobar activities, while maintaining health protocols. How to watch together through the WA application is what we really recommend.

Apart from staying savetyThe wallet is also a bit economical because you don’t need to buy tickets or buy iced tea at the shop that provides the program to watch together. so and hopefully useful.