2 Ways to Buy Cheap Telkomsel Internet Packages With Credit

Portalsitaro.com – Many new Telkomsel card users may not know how to buy cheap internet packages with credit. Because there are so many methods to get it.

One method to get Telkomsel’s cheap internet packages is to use the dial code provided by Telkomsel or hidden codes that customers don’t know about.

Well, below we will share information related to how to buy cheap Telkomsel internet packages using credit. Curious how to do it. Please see the following explanation. Also Read: List of Telkomsel Numbers 2022

How to Buy Cheap Telkomsel Internet Packages With Credit

Before going to the topic of discussion, of course, Telkomsel customers need to prepare credit first. As a first step if you get a package with the right amount of quota and price for your internet needs.

As we all know, now Telkomsel card types are not divided into SimPATI, Loop and AS Cards. Rather, it has become a single entity under the name ‘Telkomsel’.

Of course, the various options that previously existed in several types of Telkomsel cards are now the same with each other. This applies to the myTelkomsel application as well as internet package dial codes.

Therefore, maybe this trick can be used by all Telkomsel card users in Indonesia. For more details, please check the detailed information below!

Buy Telkomsel Cheap Internet Packages with Credit via Dial Code

The way to get a cheap internet quota package is to use a dial code. Users can use the official dial code provided by Telkomsel for their loyal customers.

The official dial we mean is *363#. This code includes various internet packages provided by Telkomsel. Some of them are as follows:

1. Monthly Powerful Internet

  • IDR 56 thousand/24GB
  • IDR 65 thousand/29GB
  • IDR 82 thousand/39GB

2. Weekly Holy Internet

  • IDR 15 thousand/5GB
  • Rp.23 thousand/9GB
  • Rp.26 thousand/10GB

3. Combo Magic and Others

  • IDR 111 thousand/48GB 30 days
  • 35GBCombo/ Rp85GB
  • 14.5GBCombo/ Rp55GB
  • 11GBCombo/ Rp47GB

4. OMG Watch

  • OMG Watch 23GB/ Rp115GB
  • OMG Watch 23GB and platinum mobile video subscription / Rp125GB
  • OMG Watch 40GB/ Rp180GB
  • OMG Watch 75GB/ Rp230GB

5. Ketengan Quota

  • Tiktok
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Twitter
  • Main Quota
  • Education & Learning Quota

6. Family Quota

  • 20GB for 6 people
  • 7. Best Combos
  • 4.5GB Combo/ Rp72K
  • 17GB Combo/ Rp137Rb
  • 28GB Combo/ Rp175Rb

8. GigaMax

  • 45RB get 30GB Maxstream & Viu Subscription, Video Gold etc. 30 Days.
  • Gala
  • Maxstream
  • GigaMax
  • other

9. Night Internet
10. Daily Internet
11. Weekly Internet
12. Monthly Internet

Those are some choices of cheap Telkomsel internet packages that you can choose. Julybe not all writers write in detail because there are so many cheap package options provided by this Telkomsel Indonesia provider.

In addition to using dial, users can also buy Telkomsel internet packages with credit via the promo SMS message line. However, usually only certain Telkomsel numbers are lucky to get them. Here’s the full explanation.

Buy Cheap Telkomsel Internet Packages with Credit via Promo Messages

Tsel card users may have received cheap quota promo messages from Telkomsel, whether it’s from TSEL Promo, Telkomsel, number 5111, even from Telkomsel’s Roli application.

Various attractive offers are given to users who receive messages from the numbers we have mentioned above. For example, the user gets an offer from the number 5111 which contains:

IDR 105k 28GB for 30 days (bls DR1)
IDR 200k 90GB + 600 minutes call + 400 SMS for 60 days (bls DR2)
To this SMS or Tsel.me\HO & *363*20#. Until July 30, 2022

So please take advantage of this Telkomsel cheap quota promo for your internet needs. Because, usually Telkomsel’s cheap internet promos are limited in time, and the average promo is a maximum of a week after the message is received by the special customer.

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That’s the information we can convey regarding how to buy a cheap Telkomsel internet package with this 2022 credit. I hope the little information we share is useful for you.

There are lots of offers from Telkomsel related to cheap quota packages. It’s just that it often changes every month. Therefore, if the price and number of quotas change when you want to use the method above. We apologize profusely. Thank you and hopefully useful.