2 Ways to Change Credit into Gopay 2022 Balance

Portalsitaro.com – Currently, the payment method using digital money is widely used compared to the direct cash method. Someone can buy things online more easily because they use e-money the.

To get this digital money wallet balance, you can use various methods. From refills, transfers, even convert from credit to digital money balances, Dana, OVO, and not to mention GoPay.

Talking about balance e-payment, did you know that your credit can be converted into GoPay? So when you have a lot of credit, you can exchange it for Gopay balance or other digital money.

Well, below we will provide information on how to change the credit you have into GoPay balance. If you are curious, please read this article to the end to find out more details.

How to Change Credit to GoPay

Method convert pulses so that GoPay balances are rarely used. The reason is that people often use GoPay balances to top up via the transfer system or top up via email mercent around the house.

We can convert credit to GoPay using two ways, namely using application services available on Google Play or the Apps Store and also through site services that provide services. convert credit balance to this gopay.

All cellular cards can be used to convert. Be it Telkomsel, Smartfren, 3, XL, Indosat, Axis, and so on. And here’s how to convert credit to GoPay 2022 balance.

1. Change Credit to GoPay via Application

One method that we can do to convert the credit you have into Gopay is through the application. There are lots of applications to convert credit to gopay that we can find.

One application that converts GoPay balances is byPulsa. This application provides a credit-to-digital conversion service e-money with rate adjusted by the policy of the application.

How to use the byPulsa app

  • Download and install the ByPulsa application
  • If there is a service notification when opening this application, please accept it.
  • Please create a byPulsa account via email
  • Choose a provider according to what card you are using.
  • Then, enter the amount of credit you want to convert to GoPay in the column provided.
  • After that, select the Select Account > Bank > GoPay option.
  • Enter the phone number that is used as a GoPay account along with the name of the account owner in the column provided.
  • Observe again all the data that is included, if it is appropriate, please click the ‘Exchange Credit’ option.
  • Wait for the conversion process to your GoPay balance to complete. if so, please check directly from the GoJek application.

That’s step by step to turn credit into balance e-payment GoPay. Please follow the steps above to be able to do this conversion.

Besides ByPulsa, you can also use other applications such as ConvertPulsa. This application also has services such as byPulsa. It’s just that the minimum pulse that can be exchanged is 30 thousand rupiah.

2. Changing Credit to GoPay via the Site

In addition to the application, you can also change your Telkomsel, XL, Indosat, Tri, and other card credits into GoPay balances via the internet site. Service provider agent convert This pulse is the best alternative because we don’t need to download the application first.

One of the sites that provide credit conversion services to digital money is Sukma Convert and Raja Center. Please take advantage of these two sites to make it easier to exchange your credit.

How to convert via the web

  • Please go to one of the sites we recommend above.
  • Then, Chat or send an admin message via the button available on the web page.
  • Ask the site admin if it serves credit conversion (eg smartfren) to GoPay. And also ask rateher too
  • If the information is obtained, do the transaction.
  • Usually people who want convert the credit needs to fill out the form and send the credit first to the admin number
  • Follow the process of exchanging credit to GoPay to completion.
  • Wait for the agent to confirm the transaction, then wait for the balance to be sent.
  • Please check the GoJek application to see if the balance has been entered or not.

This is the information that we can convey regarding how to convert credit into GoPay. Now you can exchange it through the help of an application or service provider site.

You need to know, usually the process of changing credit will be subject to admin fees. and customize rate each cellular card provider respectively. So, if your Gopay balance is less than the credit sent, please understand. Thank you and hopefully useful.