2 Ways to Change Credit into Tri 2022 Quota

Portalsitaro.com – Tri card users may have thought of converting credit into Tri quota but don’t know how. Don’t worry, we will provide the information for you.

Converting credit to Tri quota can be done in various ways. Either using a dial code, the Bima+ application and using message promos that users of this provider often get.

Well, below we will provide a guide. So that when you want to package tri pulses through the several methods we mentioned above, users can do it easily. Here’s what to do.

How to Change Credit into Tri Quota

Below we will provide a guide to converting credit to tri quota in stages. From UMB dial, bima+ application and also promo messages. Therefore, please read this article to the end to find out the details. Also Read: How to Register for Tri Chat Packages

1. Change Credit to Tri Quota via dial code

There are various kinds of Tri card internet package codes, there are internet packages that can be used all the time, aka regular, and some are time-limited.

Here we will provide a cheap Tri card dial recommendation that you can use. Usually on this dial, cheap packages or promos from the Tri card are embedded.

  • Open your Android or iPhone
  • Then go to the Calls\ Phone application.
  • Then, type *111*1#. If you have click OK or Call.
  • Choose a package according to the amount of credit you have.
  • Then follow the instructions to be able to buy the package.
  • If the Tri internet quota package is successfully purchased, a notification will appear that the package has been successfully activated.

2. Converting Credit Into Tri Quota Through the Bima+ Application

Users can also change the package into a quota by packing tri pulses from the Bima application. Of course, if you use this method you already have the official Tri Indonesia application.

There are various package options available at Bima+. You just have to adjust it with the credit you have to be able to replace it into a number of internet quota.

  • If you don’t have it, please download and install the Bima+ application. Don’t forget to login using the Tri number you want to package.
  • After entering the Home application, scroll down to see internet package offers from the Tri provider.
  • Choose a package that you can afford (according to the amount of credit).
  • If you have chosen, read the package terms. If you are sure you want to buy the package, please click Buy.
  • Follow the instructions for purchasing the Tri package until it works.
  • If successful, there will be a notification informing you that the package you have selected has been successfully purchased.
  • After the notification appears, you can already use the internet quota. And the process of changing the credit to tri quota has been successfully carried out.

3. Changing Credit to Tri Quota via SMS Promo

Sometimes Tri card users (especially those who rarely top up) will find interesting promos from this provider. The promos are very diverse, some are in the form of internet packages, call + sms, and also a combination of the two.

Well, you can put that to good use. for example by changing the credit you have into a quota from the promo package. To make it easier to understand, please see the following explanation:

For example, you get a cheap quota promo message from 111. The message contains “For today, the 25GB quota for 30 days is only 25 thousand. Reply to this Message HIGH1. Enjoy cashback if you top up your credit at bima+ with OVO\GoPay\ShopeePay. Buy a package for you at *111*1#’.

So, if you get a promo like this, all you have to do is buy it by typing HIGH1 and then sending it to 111. Also make sure you have enough credit to buy the package. Because, we can’t buy quota if we don’t have enough credit, right?

Also make sure the validity period of the package is still active. For example, the package promo is only valid for today, so if you package it tomorrow, it is possible that the package purchase will not be successful.

So, it must comply with the terms and conditions of the promo from the message sent to the user’s Tri number.

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This is the information that we can convey regarding how to convert credit into Tri quota. Now that you know how to change it, please practice it when you have credit.

Basically, converting credit into Tri internet quota is the same as packing tri pulses. You can choose a package according to the amount and your internet needs.

One internet package that is quite popular with tri users is the 32GB internet quota package at a price of 25 thousand. If you are interested, please follow the guide to be able to buy it. Thank you and hopefully useful.