2 Ways to Change Telkomsel Learning Package to Regular 2022

Portalsitaro.com – Are you looking for a tutorial on how to change the Telkomsel study package to regular or ? allnetwork? If yes, you are at right place. Because below we will discuss this.

The IlmuPedia or Learning quota is well known for its cheap price and fits in the pockets of students at various levels. However, the limited access to learning makes some people need to buy a Regular quota, especially the Telkomsel provider that we are discussing this time.

Sometimes, people have thought of changing the study quota into a 24-hour quota that can be used as desired. However, brands don’t know how to do it.

In the Telkomsel card itself, there are 2 quota options that can be used specifically for students, namely: Sciencepedia and Conference. So, students can choose which internet learning package is cheap and maximum for use for online learning.

Well, for those of you who want to know how to change Telkomsel’s study quota into internet quota. In this article we will provide the information for you, please read carefully to find out how.

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How to Change Telkomsel Learning Package to Regular

Here we will provide 2 ways to change the learning package, both of which use additional application media to run it.

Changing Telkomsel Student Packages to Regular via the TLS Tunnel Application

Make sure you already have the TLS Tunnel application, if not, please download the application Here!. If so, please set as below.

  • In Connection Method, please set it to Custom SNI.
  • In the SNI Host section, please fill in with classroom.google.com or
  • In the Server section, please select Automatic
  • On the port, please select T443 as the learning quota tunnel tls code
  • If everything is set, please click the “Start and Ok” menu
  • Then, click Logs.
  • Wait until the words “Connected” appear. Which indicates that you can connect to the internet.

Now we can access all sites by using Telkomsel’s regular learning quota.

Notes: Make sure the credit you have is less than 10 rupiah. So that, if there is a cut in our credit, we don’t lose a lot. In addition, make sure you still set aside a bit of your regular quota as an angler so you can Connect smoothly.

Changing Telkomsel Student Quota to Regular via the VPN Application

Vpn is not only used to access blocked sites or take free ML skins. Users can also maximize to get free internet access, or change the quota of certain internet providers to regular. For example, in the IlmuPedia data it becomes this regular.

Users just need to download a VPN application that you can use for free without paying. For example Night Owl VPN. Then please activate this VPN to turn it into internet that can be used 24 hours. Easy isn’t it?

Julybe that’s what we can convey regarding how to use the learning quota from Telkomsel to become regular 2022. Please use it to watch youtube, browse, chat and play social media such as youtube, tiktok, line, twitter, instagram, mango live and so on.

Do not forget! Before using the two ways to change the package above to regular, make sure your pulse is 0 and there is still a little data in it. Thank you and hopefully useful.