2 Ways to Create Highlights on Instagram, It Works!

Portalsitaro.com – to make the highlight in the Instagram app actually isn’t that hard to do. Highlight or Highlight IG is a feature that is able to make photos or videos from InstaStory appear at a time that the user can set himself.

Because, the Instagram Story feature is only able to display stories for approximately 24 hours a day. IG Highlights comes with a better difference, which is that it can still appear even though it’s been more than 24 hours.

Another difference, instastory will usually appear on the homepage of your followers. But not for Instagram highlights. ig highlights only appear on timeline or the user’s Instagram account profile.

Which means that people who can see your Highlights will have to go to your Instagram account profile. Users also need to insert multiple instagram stories into IG highlights. So, the story will still exist even though it has passed 24 hours.

Well, for those of you who want to know how to make highlights on Instagram so that your stories are more durable and long lasting. Here are the steps you need to take to make it happen. Also Read: How to turn off End to End WhatsApp

How to Create Highlights on Instagram

To make Instagram highlights, there are several steps you need to do, including creating stories and adding them to the Instagram highlights on your profile. More details, please check below!

Stage 1: Create an Instagram Story

  • Open the Instagram application account on your mobile device, it can be an Android phone or an iPhone.
  • Please make an instastory like it’s normal to make a story.
  • When the story has been sent, tap the option Highlight in the below section.
  • If this is your first time creating a highlight, feel free to name it.
  • If you have, click Add
  • At this stage the user just checks it on the Instagram profile. The ig highlight will appear once the addition has been completed.
  • Users can add other stories to the highlight. And within the Highlights, we can add or remove them at will.

Now, we proceed to the installation stage of the story to highlight the user’s ig. This needs to be done so that your story appears more than 24 hours.

Stage 1: Adding Stories to Instagram Highlights

When the user has successfully created an ig highlight, he can also add another story in that highlight. The method:

  • Go to your Ig account profile. Then tap the highlight option.
  • Then, tap the icon three dots
  • After that, select the option Edit Highlight to manage those highlights.
  • In this menu, you can edit the cover or rename it.
  • On options Chosenwe can remove your story from the spotlight.
  • While in option Addserves as an Instagram story enhancer into the IG spotlight
  • Users are free to manage all the things needed to make the most of this instagram highlight feature. Whether it’s, delete, add, or replace changes to highlights the IGs.

Okay, with the completion of the steps above, it can also be interpreted that how to make highlights on Instagram has been successfully done. Users just practice it to be able to display highlights as desired.

So, is it possible to create a Highlight without creating a story?

Julybe the question was asked by an Instagram apk user who doesn’t want others to see his IG story, and only wants to appear when it’s already in the spotlight.

Actually, to make a highlight without creating a story first it can’t be done. users need to create a story first to be able to put it in Instagram Highlights.

However, there is a special trick so that you can create highlights without having to create your Story first. And here’s a trick for making IG highlights without having to make a story first.

How to Make IG Highlights Without Going Through InstaStory

Here are tips and tricks for creating highlights without going through your Stories feature first:

  1. First, change Instagramu account to account private
  2. Then go to Arrangement Instagram app
  3. Then, visit the menu Privacythen Story.
  4. On the menu Hide Storyplease you click.
  5. Checklist all your followers so they can’t see the stories you created.
  6. If so, create a story as usual.
  7. Lastly add to IG highlights.

By doing this, you have succeeded in hiding the story from your followers. Then, feel free to add it to the highlights on your instagram profile.

Well, if that’s the case, it’s a lie, isn’t it, min? It’s still through the story first.

Relax, and read the guide to the end. Don’t jump to conclusions just yet. Okay!

Please wait for 2×12 hours from the creation of the Instagram story. And don’t delete IG stories before 24 hours. Because, it will make the highlight will also be deleted automatically.

After passing the specified time limit you can return your Instagram account to public mode, not private anymore. Also, set your story settings so that everyone on Instagram can see it again.

By doing so, the story will disappear and still leave traces in Igmu Highlights. So, people only see it in highlights without knowing you made it in Instagram stories first.

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That’s the information that we can convey related to how to make highlights on IG 2022. Hopefully with a little info that we convey is useful for you. that’s all and see you.