2 Ways to Delete Mango Live Account, Permanently

Portalsitaro.com – Do you want to delete Mango live account? But don’t know how to do it. Relax, because in this article we will provide an explanation related to this problem.

Mango live apk is one of the online streaming platforms that is often used by users among adults. Where, users will be shown various kinds of live video viewing by the hosts.

This application is not much different from online streamer applications such as M Live U, Bigo Live, City Live, Papaya Live, and so on. So, it’s not surprising that many want to leave because of the obvious adult element in some of these apps.

How to Delete Mango Live Account

Julybe many people are wondering, about this application. Can Mango Live account be deleted? Or other questions about deactivating this online streaming application account.

Actually to delete this Mango Live account can be done. However, there are a few things to note before deleting this app account. For more details, please check below!

Terms and Conditions for Deleting Mango Live accounts for Hosts

  • Contacting CS (Customer Service) Mango Live apk via Facebook, Group WA, and also via e-mail at [email protected] or [email protected]
  • State the user’s intention to delete your Mango live account.
  • Include complete personal data, such as when you signed up to host Mango live U.
  • The request will be quickly processed by the admin knowing your mango live account.
  • If after making a request, turn off the account but the account still hasn’t been deactivated.
  • Please contact your Mango Live Admin Recruitment, to negotiate about the account. there will be further instructions regarding this Mango Live Account deletion guide.

After knowing the things that are needed to delete an account through the terms and conditions that we have described above. Now we enter the core stage of this article, which is deleting the Mango Live apk account.

How to Delete Mango Live Account Permanently

There are 2 ways to permanently delete a Mango Live account, namely for the host account and for personal or regular accounts. For more details, check below!

How to Delete the Mango Live Application Ordinary Account

For regular accounts or better known as PasCol accounts. Actually, how to turn off an account on a live Mango is not that hard to do. Because, in the user’s own account settings, you can already be given an alternative to delete the user’s account. So, we don’t need to find another way.

It’s different if you want to deactivate the Mango apk account only temporarily. Because if that’s what you want, users just need to delete the application so that the Mango Live application can be disabled non-permanently.

So, when you want to log back in. You just log in using your Mango live account which you previously deactivated. Because, the account data is still connected to the Mango Live application server.

How to Delete Mango Live Host Account

The process for deleting a Mango Live host account is actually not the same as a regular account. Because, the way to make it is different, namely through confirmation from the admin of this application itself.

If we want to delete a regular Mango Live user account we only need to delete the application. However, for the host account the user needs to follow the flow of the terms and conditions above.

The steps are: Contact Admin >> Ask for permission to permanently delete Mango Live account >> Include personal data (such as account list) >> Wait for confirmation. Done

Alternatively, please commit a violation that violates the application policy, mango without respect your account will be banned. Your account has also been automatically deactivated by Mango Live.

Now you know step by step to delete Mango Live app account. Whether it’s for regular members or hosts that guide online streaming activities.

It’s quite rare that a Mango user wants to delete this application. Because seeing the spectacle that is presented feels a bit unfortunate if you delete this app account. Except, he wanted to repent and keep his eyes only.

That’s the information we can convey regarding how to delete a Mango Live account on Android. Hopefully, the presence of the above information will make it easier for you in the process of stopping the use of this Mango Live apk.

That’s all and one sentence from the admin “if you want to repent, really, son!” Regards.