2 Ways to Delete My Registered Account, Latest 2022

Portalsitaro.com – Are you looking for a guide on how to delete a registered Akulaku account? If yes, you are at right place. Because, below we will explain it for you.

It can be said, the method of deleting an Akulaku account that has been registered is indeed difficult and easy to do. The reason is, we need to disable self-profile verification which has been hard to get.

Well, below we will briefly explain how to delete a registered Akulaku account. So, please read to the end to find out the complete information.

How to Delete a Registered Akulaku Account

The implementation of closing my Akulaku account can actually be carried out easily. Originally, the user did not have a bill or credit for any goods when starting the process of deleting the account in progress.

The use of this online loan application does sometimes make people want to always make a loan or credit an item. So that makes people want to remove it to avoid dependency.

There are several things you can do if you want to delete my Akulaku account, either using an email service or directly via email customer service this pinjol application email. Here is the procedure.

1. Delete Akulaku account via E-mail

The first recommendation we recommend is to use the Akulaku email contact. Besides being more quota efficient, this method is also the best alternative for people who have difficulty speaking. Because, we can also directly contact the Akulaku call canter to be able to deactivate the account they have been using so far. The method:

  • Open your Android or iPhone.
  • Log in to the gmail app account associated with Akulaku.
  • Please write a new message addressed to ‘[email protected]
  • Fill in the subject with the sentence ‘Account Deletion Application’.
  • Don’t forget to include Username, NIM, Address, and Reason for closing.
  • If so, please click the ‘Send’ option.
  • Please wait for a reply from Akulaku CS.

So that the submission process for deleting the registered Akulaku account goes well. Try not to touch or use the user’s account. so that the account closing process can run smoothly.

2. Delete Akulaku Account via Customer Service

For those of you who feel the first way is too complicated. And prefer to use a faster method, namely by calling. Below we also provide the steps for you.

  1. Make sure you have enough credit to make this call (it’s not free)
  2. Prepare important documents such as name, ID card, home address.
  3. If so, please open your phone application.
  4. Type the number 1500920, then Call/OK
  5. Please wait for the phone to connect. If so, please convey your intention that you want to delete my Akulaku account.
  6. Listen to my cc instructions, then please follow all that is told.

That way the process of deleting Akulaku account using the call center media or this number can be carried out properly. Please wait until you get a response from the relevant parties regarding this submission.

How long does the Akulaku account closure process take?

Please note, the process of closing the Akulaku online loan application account takes an undetermined time. If you use the direct call method to Akulaku CS. Most likely the process will be handled immediately and there is no need to wait like using an email service.

Please wait for news from Akulaku or check your e-mail periodically to find out whether the process of deleting the Akulaku application account was carried out properly and without any problems. To avoid dependence on borrowing online, an effective way to do this is to delete the source directly, namely the Akulaku application.

Users who have already used this application also need to be careful. Because the fine imposed by the Akulaku online loan apk is also quite large, reaching 10%. If you are late paying for 23 days.

So, please delete this registered Akulaku account properly. Apart from avoiding the easy behavior of borrowing something. Your life will also be a little calmer because you don’t have debt.

That’s a review on how to delete an Akulaku account that has been registered through the various methods that we convey. Hopefully the little info above helps you release this Akulaku loan application account. Thank you and hopefully useful.