2 Ways to Delete Photos in Tantan (Profile and Album)

Portalsitaro.com – Some Tantan users may not know how to delete photos in this app. Especially for people who are new to using one of these dating apps.

You need to know, to delete a profile photo on tantan, it’s actually not after it’s been done. It’s just that the appearance of the application is a bit complicated, accompanied by us being new users, so we don’t fully understand this apk.

Therefore, in this short article we will share how to delete photos on tantan, be it profile photos or album photos in this application. The rest, please read this article to the end to find out the full explanation.

How to Delete Photos in Tantan

Noted, there are two ways we can convey related to how to delete profile pictures in the Tantan application, namely on profile photos or photo albums. Immediately, here is how to delete images in tantan on android 2022.

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1. How to Delete Profile Photo on Tantan

Here are the steps to delete profile picture in Tantan apk. Read slowly so as not to make mistakes in field practice.

  • Open your Tantan app account.
  • Then go to the Tantan Profile Menu.
  • Then, there will be a Pencil drawing icon.
  • Click and please find the profile photo you want to delete.
  • Next, click on the photo and select the Delete option.
  • Then the profile photo will automatically be deleted by Tantan. Now you can apply another photo to your Tantan app profile photo account.

2. Delete Photo Album in Tantan

In this guide to delete photo moments or albums, it’s not much different from the first tutorial. To make it easier to understand, please follow these directions:

  • Open the Tantan app and visit the “My Albums” menu.
  • Click and select the photo album you want to delete.
  • Please select an image or photo in a row of albums that you created.
  • If you click on the image.

Notes: In this section, users just click delete this moment, and the photo will automatically be deleted.

By following the guidelines above, Tantan users can clean their profile photos or moment photos on their Tantan account. Easy isn’t it? Only by doing a few steps you can already delete it.

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That’s the information we can convey related to how to delete photos in tantan. Now you know what to do if one day you want to do it again. Thank you and hopefully useful.