2 Ways to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S21

Do you want a hard reset/factory reset on your samsung Galaxy S21 to completely wipe everything and leave it like new? Well, you came to the right place. Next, we will show you two best ways to easily reset your Galaxy S21. While you don’t need to do a reset right now, it’s important that you know how to do it, as it can be very useful in a variety of situations.

And whether with factory reset you can solve complex system problems without much trouble. Also, before selling your Galaxy S21, you must do a factory reset so that your data, files and personal information are not included with the phone. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at how a factory reset is performed on your Galaxy S21, S21+ or S21 Ultra.

Notes : Keep in mind that following the steps below will erase everything on your smartphone, so back up your data in case you don’t want to lose it.

[su_heading size=”25″]How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S21 from Settings[/su_heading]

If your Galaxy S21 is fully functional and You can control it normally we suggest you to do a factory reset samsung galaxy S21 from mobile settings in this way:

  • Open the app Arrangement on your Galaxy S21.
  • Go to options General Settings .
  • Choose Reset .
  • Click on Factory data reset .
  • Again, tap Reset to start the reset.
  • After this step, they definitely will ask you to enter a password or PIN to authorize action. Do it and then click Delete all to start the process.

Once at this point, the phone will erase everything and come back to life presenting the initial configuration as if it were new.

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[su_heading size=”25″]How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S21 from Recovery[/su_heading]

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S21 from Recovery

Now, if your Galaxy S21 has system or screen issues that are preventing you from controlling it normally, you will not be able to follow the steps shown above. Fortunately, Galaxy S21 can also be reset to factory settings using only physical buttons thanks to Recovery mode. To do so, simply follow these steps:

  • First of all, turn off your Galaxy S21 .
  • Once turned off, press and hold the button physical power and volume simultaneously until the Samsung logo appears on the screen.
  • Now, you will see an options menu where you have to select Wipe data / factory reset .
    • You can’t use the touch screen here, so to select this option you have to use the volume buttons to move and the power button to accept.
  • Then go to Factory data reset .
  • Finally, select Reboot system now .

There he is! This will start wiping everything on the phone and go back to its factory state. Did you see how easy it is to hard reset your samsung Galaxy S21 with recovery mode? Anyway, if you have any questions about it, let us know to help you.