2 Ways to Mabar at Higgs Domino Island with Friends

Portalsitaro.com – Julybe not many Higgs Domino Island players know about how to enjoy Higgs Domino Island with friends. Because like other online games, Higgs Domino can also be played together.

However, as the title of this article says “playing higgs domino island with friends” Users need to make friends in this game first, such as using Facebook media to make friends. If a player logs in using a visitor account, then he needs to be friends.

So, players and friends who want to be invited to Mabar need to be friends on Facebook first. Only then can he play together in this higss domino island money-making game. Or, please input your ID if you are using a visitor account as a tool to play games on Higgs Domino Island.

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How to Mabar at Higgs Domino Island with Friends

In this tutorial we will divide it into two ways, namely if the user wants to interact with friends using a Facebook account or using a visitor account. For more details, please read how to play with Higgs domino island with friends below!

1. Mabar Using a Facebook account

  • Step 1. Login to the game Higgs Domino Island using your Facebook account
  • Step 2. Next, select menu Friend.
  • Step 3. Then, select Invite Friends.

After choosing, players will be given a list of fb friends who play this Higgs Domino game.

Players can also see if the person is online or not, along with login details in the apk of this game.

Well, if you want to play together please send Confirm Play Request. Even writing messages can also be done.

When the request has been sent and the friend has agreed, then you can hang out together with your friends in this domino higgs game. However, if not then we can not continue to play together with these friends.

2. Mabar Using Visitor Account

Well, for higgs domino users who use visitor accounts as media to play in this game. Then you need to choose friends who are already related or not with us. The method:

  • Open the Higgs Domino Island apk, then select the Friends menu.
  • Please choose a friend who is still online to be invited to mabar.
  • If your friend is not registered yet, please enter their ID in the Enter ID field.
  • To be able to start playing with friends, tap the “add” menu.
  • A list of friends that you have added will appear. Then invite to mabar in this domino higgs.
  • After you send the message, the friend you have invited will get a notification related to your invitation. If he wants to play together, then he needs to accept the request.
  • Finally, the player (the invitee) just has to play the game according to the game room which you have specified. Done

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How, it’s easy, isn’t it the way to get to the higgs domino Island? users only need to follow the steps above to be able to play with friends in this slot game.

Julybe that’s what we can say about how to mabar in this higgs domino island. Hopefully what we provide can be understood easily. That’s all and please practice. Regards