2 Ways to Pay Billing Codes via M-Banking BCA 2022

Portalsitaro.com – Are you looking for a complete guide on how to pay billing codes via m banking BCA? If yes you are in the right place. Because, below we will explain it easily.

STR (Registration Certificate) is a letter that must be owned by all health workers. This letter needs to be owned because it is proof of state revenue tax, by paying a contribution of 100 thousand rupiah.

To obtain this registration certificate, health workers need to apply online through the STR Online application which we can get on the government’s official website. https://ktki.kemkes.go.id/.

They will be asked to fill out an STR application form so that they can then get an STR billing code that can be paid in various ways, including m banking BCA.

However, this official application for Bank BCA does not yet provide a menu for payment of state revenue taxes in it. Therefore, you can pay STR via m-BCA using the Virtual Account media available at Tokopedia.

How to Pay Billing Code Via M Banking BCA

This billing code payment method via m banking is actually quite easy to do. Moreover, not only BCA banks, banks in Indonesia such as BNI, BRI, and Mandiri can also do it.

It’s just that in this article we are more specific on how to pay billing codes at BCA bank. So, conventional bank users can follow the steps below to be able to pay this STR bill.

The following is the STR payment method via MBanking BCA using the help of the TokoPedia online marketplace application.

Payment of STR Billing Code through BCA Mobile Banking with the Tokopedia Application

Before going to this tutorial, the thing you need to do is get the STR billing code first. How, login page https://ktki.kemkes.go.id/and select the Check Status menu.

After getting the billing code for STR payment, please follow the steps below!

Notes: Before starting, make sure you have a Tokopedia account and have activated the m-BCA application service.

Stage 1 on the Tokopedia App

  • Log in to your TokoPediamu application account.
  • On the TokoPedia homepage, click the ‘See All’ menu.
  • Next, click on the ‘Taxes’ option
  • After entering the Tax menu, click ‘State Revenue’.
  • At this stage there are various types of payers, please click the ‘Pay PNBP’ option.
  • If so, enter the ‘STR Billing Code’
  • If the billing column has been filled in, click ‘Check Bills’.
  • At this stage we will be given detailed payment information. Click ‘Pay’ to continue.
  • Next, click on the ‘Choose Another Payment Method’ option. Then select ‘BCA Virtual Account’.
  • Click the ‘Pay’ option again.
  • After this, we will be given a BCA Virtual Account number. Copy or write down the BCA VA number.

At this stage we have managed to get the BCA m-banking Virtual Account number. Next, please open the application.

Phase 2 on the BCA Mobile Application

  • Open the BCA Mobile application on your Android or iPhone. Then, select m-BCA
  • Please enter the m-BCA access code
  • Select BCA Virtual Account then click Enter BCA VA number
  • Enter no. BCA Virtual Account
  • After that, click ‘OK’ then ‘Send’. A notification will appear to confirm the account, click ‘OK’ to continue.
  • Enter m-BCA PIN

And the payment process for the STR billing code with m Banking BCA via the TokoPedia application has been successfully carried out correctly. Happy!

Even though BCA directly via the BCA Mobile application does not provide direct tax payment facilities for STR receipts. However, we can still pay for this STR billing. Of course, through the help of the TokoPedia application.

For those of you who don’t like the billing code payment method via BCA bank m banking. can use ATM BCA or even click BCA for payment media. Because, there are various ways to be able to pay the billing code str through this BCA bank. so and hopefully useful.