2 Ways to See People who Like Us at Tantan without Paying

Portalsitaro.com – Julybe some users of the Tantan application have ever thought about how to see people who like us on Tantan. But constrained by VIP members who do not have it.

As we know, Tantan is an application similar to Tinder where users need to subscribe to VIP Premium to smoothly access the various services provided.

The advantages of this VIP feature are quite a lot, from doing unlimited likes, unlimited rewind, seeing people who like us directly, upgrading the location to be wider to increasing the profile of the tantan account for the better.

But all of that can be obtained if you have subscribed to the VIP feature (how to subscribe to tantan using credit). Ordinary users can not do the things we have mentioned above. Even just to see people who like in this application.

Therefore, here we will find various ways to find out who likes me in Tantan without paying. So that you know the people who like you in one of these dating apps. following complete information.

How to see people who like us at Tantan without paying

Indeed, there is a way to find out who likes us in the Tantan app. However, the trick that we are going to share is quite dangerous. Especially for your own Tantan account.

The reason is, there is a possibility that your Tantan account will be banned and cannot be reactivated. So, please think about it first before following the steps that we will convey below.

If you are really interested in using it, because you really want to know people who like us in Tantan. Here are some methods you need to do. Check ths out…

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Seeing People Who Like Us via MOD Apk Tantan

The first method you can do is to use the Mod Tantan Apk application. In this way, all the features that normally can only be used by premium users, you can use freely or for free. Including knowing people who like you.

For the steps, please check below.

  • Make sure you have the latest Tantan mod apk. If you don’t have one, please copy and paste the link into the Google search engine. Link: https://drop.download/xfsuentz6jl5
  • Also make sure you have uninstalled the official Tantan application, and memorized the login account.
  • If so, please install and open the Tantan Mod apk.
  • There will be information regarding “Unknown source”. Please allow the device to access the application by clicking Yes or Install.
  • Log in using your Tantan account. If successful, you will get the VIP features included in the MOD application.

Notes: Do not update the application to the PlayStore. Because it is possible that the use of MOD will be known. As a result, the account will be prone to violations that lead to a tantan account being banned.

See Who Likes Tantan App via Lucky Patcher

The second method is to use the Lucky Patcher application which requires device root to be able to use it. So, for Android users, please Root your cellphone first.

Prospective users can get this application via the Google Play Store platform or search engine. Only, if you want a version that is safe and compatible with your device, please choose the one on PS only.

Lucky Patcher is an application that is useful for hacking or modifying features in android applications. Including being able to view messages in the Tantan application without paying a penny. Great isn’t it!

Of course, by doing so there are consequences that will be obtained by the user. So, please think carefully so that there is no doubt when you want to use it.

By doing one or two of the ways above, it is possible that you can see other people who like you on the tantan application for free. Also Read: How to Chat on Tantan Without Paying

That’s the information we can convey related to how to see people who like us on the Tantan application without paying. Hopefully the little guide we wrote above is useful for you. That’s it and good luck.