2 Ways to Top Up Grab Driver Credit Wallet via OVO

Portalsitaro.com – Some Grab partners may still be confused about how to top up a Grab driver credit wallet via OVO, especially for novice drivers who have just joined this online motorcycle taxi service.

Actually, the balance of this driver’s credit wallet balance is not so difficult to do. It’s just that, for beginners or Grab drivers rarely use the OVO digital money wallet, this seems quite difficult to do.

Therefore, below we will briefly explain how to top up a grab credit wallet via OVO. However, before that we will explain a little about the Credit Wallet in this Grab application.

Grab Credit Wallet

Some drivers may be a bit confused when it comes to distinguishing credit wallets and cash wallets. Therefore, below we will give a little explanation related to this problem.

Grab credit wallet is a place to store money for drivers as initial capital to receive orders. When the driver receives the order, the balance in it will be automatically deducted as a form of cooperation with Grab.

Apart from orders, the balance in the Grab driver’s credit wallet can also be deducted if the user violates the code of ethics that has been set by Grab. The fine will be included in the bill and will be deducted from the driver’s credit balance.

Grab Driver Credit Wallet Top Up Fee

Not much different from other methods, when a driver wants to top up via OVO on a credit wallet, of course he will be charged a transaction fee. Of course at different costs.

For information, the amount of fees charged for top-up transactions via OVO via Grab driver is IDR 1,000.00. We can say that this nominal is lower when compared to Tokopedia media, counters, pawnshops, and others.

As a Grab driver or partner, maybe you will be more curious about how to top up your Grab driver balance via OVO, right? Therefore, please see the complete guide below.

How to Top Up Grab Driver Credit Wallet via OVO

Here are the steps in filling up the credit wallet balance of the Grab application via OVO that you can do. But before that, make sure the number and email match your Grab Driver account. If so, please follow the steps below:

Stage 1: On the OVO . application

  • Open the OVO application, then enter the ‘Other’ menu.
  • In this menu, please click ‘Driver Balance’.
  • Various top up options will appear. Starting from 50 thousand, 100 thousand, up to 250 thousand (applicable in multiples of Rp. 50,000.00) along with admin fees.
  • Choose a nominal, then click the ‘Buy’ option. Don’t forget to do ‘Confirm’.
  • Check the OVO cash checklist if you have OVO points, if not, please skip it.
  • Then click ‘Pay’.
  • Finally, please enter the user’s OVO security code.
  • Please wait for the Grab driver top up process via OVO to be successful. Click ‘Refresh’ if the notification still tells you that the purchase is still being processed.
  • If the Grab wallet top up is successful, a successful purchase notification will appear in the user’s OVO application.
  • At this stage a voucher code will appear from the OVO application. Please enter the code into your Grab Driver application.

Stage 2: On the Grab app

  • Go to the Grab application for drivers.
  • Click the ‘Revenue’ option in the top left corner.
  • Then, select ‘Credit Wallet’. And select ‘Credit Wallet’ again. Remember! 2x
  • The next step, select ‘refill with PIN’.
  • Enter the PIN that you got from the previous OVO application. If you have clicked ‘Confirm’.

Notes: The voucher code that you need to enter is 16 digits. Therefore, before entering make sure you copy or write it correctly.

If the transaction is successful, it will appear after you press the confirmation option. There will also be changes to the balance in the credit wallet in the Grabmu application. Tutorial finished!. Happy

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That’s the information we can convey regarding how to top up the Grab driver credit wallet via OVO 2022. Follow the guidelines above correctly so that the balance top up process is successful.

Don’t forget to make sure that the OVO number is listed in the Grab application. In addition, make sure that the balance you have is also sufficient to make transactions. Finally, enter the code correctly.

Because if one of the three conditions above is not fulfilled, then the process of refilling the Grab driver’s credit wallet balance can certainly fail. Thank you and hopefully useful