2 Ways to Top Up Zepeto Using Credit

Portalsitaro.com – Do you want to top up the Zepeto game using credit, but don’t know how to do it? Calm! Because in this discussion we will provide a complete guide.

To buy items in the Zepeto game, players need a lot of zem to do so. It’s just that because the gift of zem by the game developer is limited, players need to buy zem in various ways, one of which is the zepeto top up method using pulses.

The Zepeto top up activity via credit is indeed quite simple. The reason is that when compared to using Indomaret or other methods, top up zepeto credit is very fast, easy, and doesn’t waste time going to that place.

Well, below we will provide information on how to top up on Zepeto via credit. For those of you who are curious to know how to do it, let’s see the complete guide below.

How to Top Up Zepeto Using Credit

Before going to this stage, the essence of reloading Zepeto coins or zem using this pulse, it would be nice for you to prepare the credit first. So that, when the process has started, you don’t have to repeat it again. Here are the steps!

1. Top Up Zepeto via Zepeto App

  • First, open your Zepeto game account.
  • Then, click the Zem & Coin Zepeto menu
  • Please select several Zem or Coin categories. For example buy 7 Zem.
  • Click it and select the “Buy with one tap” option.
  • There will be various payment options. Then, click the Cellular Card option. Example 3
  • The next step, click the Tax+ option to find out the total credit that must be paid.
  • If you already know how much it costs to buy the zem or coin. click “Buy with one tap”. to continue.
  • At this stage you just need to wait until the transaction is processed. Also make sure the card is in SIM 1 slot and connected to the Zepetomu apk and Play Store.

To check whether zem or coin has been successfully purchased. Please go to Zepeto app Home. The amount of zem and coins is located on the top right of the application.

2. Recharge Zepeto Using Credit Via the CodaShop Site

In addition to using the application directly, you can also use the help of sites such as CodaShop. The method:

  • Open your flagship browser. Then type Codashop.
  • Go to the Homepage of the site. then Search Zepeto
  • Click it and you need to fill in a few things there. Such as: zepeto code, select the top up nominal, select the payment method, and your email.
  • If so, don’t forget checklist “Remember me” in the Buy Menu. Then click Buy Now.
  • Information about the zem purchase transaction will appear. Click Confirm to continue.
  • Enter the Phone Number you want to make to pay for the zem or coin. If you have clicked Confirm.
  • You will get a verification code for that purchase. Enter the Code sent to the number.
  • Don’t forget to click Confirmation

That way you have successfully made a zem or coin purchase through this codashop. If successful, there will be a notification asking the question that the top up of zepeto credit via codashop has been successfully done.

Questions About Zepeto Top Up Using Credit

  • How much is the 14 Zem tax on Zepeto if you use the top-up method, bro? Julybe 1000’s
  • Does Zepeto top up tax have to be paid? Yes, it has to be.
  • Do you have to have credit before you can top up? Yes
  • Do all providers support zepeto refills using this credit? Not. There are some providers that can not do it.

Notes: Sometimes we find some users need to enter password first. Julybe because of the security method created on the Google Play Store number or account, making it necessary to enter a password consisting of several digits.

So that coin or zem purchase transactions run smoothly. Try to increase the credit you have. For example, to buy 7 zem you cost 8,500. So, at least you have 10,000 credits to anticipate other additional costs (even though there aren’t any).

Several local providers such as 3, Indosat, Telkomsel, XL, Smartfren support top up activities via credit at Zepeto. So, please use this method so you can get zem or coins quickly and easily.

That’s the information we can convey related to how to top up Zepeto via this credit. I hope the little information that we have provided above will make it easier for you to buy zem or coins for playing on Zepeto. That’s all and good luck.