2 Ways to Use Proxy in Chrome and Firefox Browser

Proxies are often used to unblock access to a website, but behind that there are many other uses, such as doing web browsing, SEOetc.

If you have just bought a proxy, you will definitely get detailed information in the form of IP/HOST, Port, along with a username and password for authentication. However, the setup is very different from a VPN, where you have to manually connect to it.

If you want to use the proxy in your browser, then there are two ways you can do it. The first is using softwareand the second one is use extension on the browser. Both of these have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Tutorial Using Proxy in Browser

There are several types of proxies that are often used to browse the internet. And in my opinion the best is the type of Squid Proxy. But whether it’s good or not is also based on the speed of the proxy server.

1. Using the Proxifier Program

This is the most popular program for setting up proxies on the device. Not only can it be used for browsers, but almost all programs can also have an effect after setting it on Proxifier.

Please download and install the Proxifier program first. And after that follow the steps below to start setting it up.

  1. Open Proxifier and click on the Proxy Server icon (far left).

  2. Then click the button Add to add it.

    Click the Add button

  3. Now fill in the proxy information. And activate the option Authentication to add username and password.

    Fill in Proxy Information

  4. If you feel that the information set is complete, please click the button OK.

  5. Now the proxy is active and please check the IP address of the browser you are using.

If the IP address changes, it’s a sign that the proxy you are using is successfully connected. Meanwhile, if the browser can’t display website pages, it’s most likely due to a proxy problem. Please check again whether you have entered the information correctly.

In Proxifier also provided a feature to check the proxy used, to make sure it really works and there are no errors at all. And you can also limit what programs can use the proxy.

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2. Using Extensions in Browser

If you use an extension, then the proxy you set will only be used on that one browser and will not affect other programs or applications. And in this article, I suggest using an extension named ProxySwitch Omega.

Please install the extension first on the page store in their respective browsers. And after that, follow the steps below to set it up.

  1. Right click on ProxySwitch icon, and click menu Options.

    Right Click ProxySwitch Icon

  2. Then click menu New Profile.

    Click New Profile

  3. Fill in the profile name, for example Private Proxy and continue click the button Create.

    Using Proxy in Browser

  4. Now fill in the proxy information. And to add a username and password, please click on the padlock icon next to the port column.

    Filling Proxy Information in Browser with ProxySwitch Extension

  5. If you have filled in correctly, click Apply Changes to save it.

    Click Apply Changes

  6. The last step, click on the ProxySwitch icon and then select as Private Proxy or according to the name of the profile that was created earlier.

    Selecting a Proxy Profile

After setting it, please check the IP through the browser. And sometimes you are also required to reset the username and password from the dialog/popup that pops up just to be sure, and after that the dialog won’t appear again.

The most important thing is not wrong in setting the proxy information. For example, you set the wrong type of proxy which should be HTTP to HTTPS, of course it will make it unable to connect perfectly.

And from the two methods above, you can choose whichever you feel is necessary. If it’s only limited to browsers, I’d rather use an extension. Meanwhile, if the proxy is also needed for other programs/applications as well, then using a Proxifier is the right thing.

The rest if you have questions or experience problems related to the tutorial above, please comment.

Hopefully useful and good luck