2 Ways to Use Symbol Names in PUBG

Portalsitaro.com – You may have seen one of the PUBG players carrying a unique symbol on their game username. So it crossed my mind to want to do something like that.

Indeed, basically “Nickname” in a game does not affect playing skills while in the arena. However, by having a unique name, players may find it easier to remember and style.

Since in this article we will provide information regarding how to use symbol names in PUBG Mobile. Please read to the end to find out the complete guide.

How to Use Symbol Names in PUBG

To use the symbol name in the PUBG game, of course, players need to replace it with a name that has a symbol element in it.

Then, how to get the name with that symbol element min? You can maximize third parties to get it, which can use the FancyKey or NickFinder sites.

Well, below we will give an example of creating a PUBG symbol name by maximizing the NickFinder site. So that you don’t go wrong in applying, please follow these steps:

How to Create a Name With a Symbol on the NickFinder Site

Stage 1 on the Nickfinder Site

  • First, open your browser application. Then write the word NickFinder. Or just visit the site en.nickfinder.com. (copy and paste to make it easier)
  • After logging into this site, please look for the box where the name symbol is created. For example, type SerbaGratis95.
  • Do not forget checklist “Add Symbol” option.
  • If so, click “Generate another”.
  • You can see various kinds of results from the words you enter right above the writing Add Symbol.
  • If you don’t like the result of the random symbol set that has been presented. Click “generate another” until you find a suitable name.
  • If you have found the right name, click copy by clicking the copy button (two papers) next to the symbol name.
  • A new column will appear with the result of the name, which indicates that you have succeeded in getting the name symbol.

Stage 2 in PUBG Game

  • Please log in to your PUBG Mobile game account.
  • Next go to inventory.
  • If so, please search Rename Card. If the PUBG developer doesn’t move this item, this item is in the bottom right box.
  • Please use the Rename Card by clicking the button Use.
  • Finally, in the New Name column, please paste the nickname that you copied from Nickfinder earlier.
  • After that, click Ok and your PUBG game account name will change to a symbol.

Notes: At the change of name there may be one of the symbols that error. This often happens because of the system provisions of PUBG Mobile itself. So, please adjust it so that the symbol can be verified properly.

By doing the steps above, you have succeeded in changing the PUBG account name by including symbols in it. Now just use it in the battle arena so that many people know.

By the way, sometimes PUBG players don’t have a rename card which makes them unable to change their game account nickname. Therefore, below we will provide tips and tricks to get a rename card so you can change the name of your previous game account.

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Tips for Getting PUBG Mobile Rename Cards

  1. Players can get rename cards from certain events.
  2. Players can get a rename card by buying it at the PUBG store directly.

That’s the information we can convey regarding how to use symbols in PUBG for your game account. Hopefully the little information above will make it easier for you to create unique, interesting, different, and of course cool symbols for you to use.