20 Simple Ways to Increase IQ & Intelligence

To improve brain performance, increase intelligence and improve memory, of course, it is expected that the process is not small and regular exercise is expected. Here are some natural ways to increase IQ, intelligence, memory and keep you from stress:

Increase IQ & Intelligence

Meditation has been known since ancient times which is efficacious for maintaining peace of mind. In addition to making the mind more peaceful, meditation is also proven to increase IQ, relieve stress, and improve brain function. Meditation also activates the «prefrontal cortex» of the brain, which is responsible for more advanced thinking.

Drawing practice sharpens imagination and color combinations in drawing sharpen creativity. In general, drawing helps stimulate the right brain and helps hone creativity.

Exercise regularly
Regular and regular exercise is proven to improve brain performance, IQ and intelligence. Regular exercise has also been shown to increase brain power and even create new neuron cells in the brain. In addition to helping brain performance in general, exercise can improve your physical and brain health.

Breathe more relaxed
People who are used to breathing long and relaxed will increase oxygen levels and blood flow to the brain. Long, relaxed breathing exercises for 10-15 minutes a day can make a big difference in your quality of life and potential brain function.

Consumption of essential fatty acids
Essential fatty acids or omega 3 fatty acids are the type of food that the brain really needs to develop and perform better. Omega 3 is a membrane-forming in the brain. The 2 main components of EPA and DHA help strengthen the emotional center of the brain and improve focus. Studies show that there is an increase in overall brain activity after taking fish oil for a while. (Fish oil is one of the natural ingredients that is rich in omega 3 fatty acids).

Laughter helps the brain release natural substances or endorphins – chemicals that reduce pain and promote feelings of comfort, pleasure and well-being. Laughter is a powerful way to reduce stress naturally. Watching comedy, funny videos, joking with friends will help increase the release of endorphins in the brain!

Healthy food
Eating healthy and nutritious is proven to help improve the performance of your brain. The brain requires a certain amount of energy to reach its maximum level of function.

Setting targets/goals
Setting goals in life helps activate areas of the brain associated with concrete thinking and action. Setting big goals to achieve success and prosperity in life will help improve your brain performance.

Listening to music
Studies have shown that listening to music strengthens parts of the brain and reduces changes in brain structure. The same studies have found that people who listen to music are generally smarter and have more emotional intelligence than those who don’t.

Being more empathetic and trying to understand other people’s emotions are skills that are needed to hone your brain. Being more empathetic is obviously a powerful trait to have and allows your brain to relate to other people’s emotions.

Avoid stress
Too much stress actually causes an increase in the hormone «cortisol» which can kill brain cells and suppress brain function.

Think positively
Positive Thinking will help you reduce stress, anxiety and excessive fear. Research shows that someone who is used to thinking concretely has a more influential brain than those who always think negatively.

Writing articles/composing articles
Writing is very helpful for the performance of the brain, especially related to improving memory and the mouth of the mind. When you write, you strengthen your brain’s natural ability to convey thoughts and feelings. Writing is a great way to practice your ability to analyze and build critical thinking processes. Journals, diaries, blog entries and story writing are phenomenal ways to fill your brain.

Enough rest
Make sure to always get enough rest (quality sleep) for your brain’s needs. Adequate and good sleep will help clear up unnecessary mental clutter and thoughts. Getting a good night’s sleep can also help improve focus and memory.

Sharpen your skills with puzzles
Crossword puzzles help your brain’s ability to think critically and recall past memories. The challenge of solving crossword puzzles is refreshing and stimulates your brain to perform better. Crossword puzzles, strategy games will help your brain perform better.

Books are a bridge of knowledge. Reading books teaches your brain to tune in to a large number of issues in a shorter period of time. Books challenge your thinking and memorization skills, as well as improve your vocabulary and critical thinking.

Avoid watching too much TV
Watching too much TV slows down brain waves and causes a decline in brain fitness.

Don’t be afraid to cry when the time is right! Crying doesn’t mean weepy. Crying actually heals emotions and promotes healthy circulation in the brain. Those who can cry actually clean the inside of their brain, which is another very healthy way to increase brain power.

Don’t forget breakfast
Breakfast is probably the most important meal to supply your body with fuel to fuel many of your daily activities or activities.

Avoid alcohol and illegal drugs
Alcohol in excessive amounts impairs brain health and function. If you want to increase brain power, limiting alcohol consumption is a great way to do it. Alcohol can cause memory and focus problems. Drugs don’t foster creativity, they kill creativity and deplete brain cells. Depending on how effective the drug is, effects can range from brain hemorrhage, cell damage, to disturbances in nerve growth.