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Portalsitaro.com – For those of you who are looking for a credit invitation code, online loan application or funding owned by PT Fintek Digital Indonesia, you can use the code that we will share below.

As we know, the Kredito application is an official apk that is registered and supervised directly by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Until this article was written, more than 1 million people have used the Kredito apk.

Credito apk product, includes various parts. Be it an employee or student installment loan with a maximum limit of 10 million rupiah or for a business it can reach 2 billion.

The Kredito application is holding an event with prizes, where new users who enter an invitation code will be given rewards on the mission of inviting friends in this Kredito apk.

Well, below we will explain about credit invitation codes, here’s how to see them. Please read carefully so that new users or those who want to use this application can get rewards from this program.

What is Credito Invitation Code

Credito invitation code is a referral code or referral that is used as a reference for new users to get benefits or advantages when they register for the Kredito application.

The advantages of using this Credito referral code are also quite a lot, including being quickly accepted when applying for a loan and also getting a slightly larger limit when applying for a loan.

In addition, the users of this Kredito apk will also be given rewards in the form of an interest discount of Rp. 25,000.00. You can use this optional referral to apply for your loan limit.

Credito New User Rewards

For new users who use the Kredito application and want to know more about the benefits of entering the Kredito application referral code. So below we will also provide the information.

There are 4 interest discount coupons that you can get when using this Kredito code, including:

  • Prize Coupon IDR 15,000: Used for loans that are more than 3 months (promo applies to monthly borrowers).
  • IDR 5,000 Gift Coupon: Used for loans that are more than 28 days (promo only applies to daily loans).
  • IDR 3,000 Gift Coupon: Used for loans that are more than 21 days (promo only applies to daily loans).
  • IDR 2,000 Gift Coupon: Used for loans that are more than 14 days (promo only applies to daily loans)

As for rewards above is devoted to new users who are completely new to using this pinjol application. If you feel like a new user, take advantage of this to get a loan limit + gift coupon as described above.

For more detailed information, please see the ‘My Account’ section, then select the ‘Coupon’ menu. We will be provided with further information regarding this Credito gift coupon.

2022 Credit Invitation Code

For new users who are looking for an invitation code or Credito referral, you can use the code we provide below to get it rewards Credit coupon.

  • Invitation\Referral Code: XTV86

Please copy the code above and paste it in the invitation code column to get it rewards from the Credito money making application. Pretty decent for a bill-paying bonus submitted.

How to Know Credito Invitation Code

For those of you who want to know the layout of this Credito code referral, you can follow the steps below:

  • Please open the Kredito application on your Android or iPhone cellphone
  • Log in to your Credit account, then on the homepage of the application, please click ‘My Account’.
  • Next, click on ‘Co-Credit Partners’.
  • My Credit invitation code will appear that you can use to invite friends. Done

That’s the information we can convey regarding the 2022 Credito invitation code along with how to view and also rewards which will be given. If you experience problems, please contact Kredito’s customer service or comment via the column that we have included below the post. Thank you and hopefully useful.