3 Digit Numbers Behind Bri ATM Card Missing? This is the explanation

Portalsitaro.com – When a BRI Bank user wants to register for the BRImo application without going to the office, the registration requirements contain instructions for entering the BRI CVV number. However, the CVV number located on the back of the BRI ATM card does not exist.

This also raises a question for the BRI Bank customer, why is the 3 digit number behind the BRI ATM card missing? even though I’ve been rubbing it, but still can’t find it.

Well, below we will provide an explanation related to the reason why the 3 digit number behind the BRI bank ATM card is empty or does not exist. Please read this article to the end to find out.

3 Digit Numbers Behind Bri ATM Card Not Available

Before we get to the core stage of this article, we will briefly review what a BRI CVV Number is. The BRI CVV number or numbers are the three numbers on the back of the BRI Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card. More precisely, it’s next to the signature.

Each type of BRI debit and credit card has a CVV (Card Verification Value) secret code, both on MasterCard and Visa. This code serves as card security when the user is verifying the transaction.

You need to know, the CVV code of each bank must be kept confidential. Because, in principle, a code consisting of 3 digits of this number should only be known by the owner of the ATM card.

If the CCV number code is known to others, aka leaked, then the owner may experience problems and even losses. For example, fraud in transactions carried out using BRI CCV.

Therefore, owners should be more careful when they want to use the BRI CCV code to make transactions. Because, as we quote from the page kartucredit.bri.co.id/service/kerahahan-cvv-otp BRI bank customers must maintain the confidentiality of your credit card data such as card number, EXP date, CVV number.

Then is there a way to find out the 3 digit number behind the BRI ATM card that can’t be found on the back of the card?

In the quote from the Net 62 Division YouTube channel, in the video title ‘how come, there’s a CVV code on my ATM card’. The owner of the YT channel explained about the 3-digit BRI bank CVV number problem.

He even contacted customer service BRI bank via email with the following message ‘excuse me, I want to ask. Where’s the CVV code, how come mine isn’t there? waiting for the answer. Thanks…‘.

The CS Bank BRI also answered with a sentence like this ‘Regarding your question, the CVV code is only found on ATM cards bearing the MasterCard logo. Please check on the back of your card‘.

Julybe from the fragment of the sentence above, BRI Bank customers already know why the 3 digit CVV number on your ATM card is not there. Because, CVV numbers are only shown on MasterCard ATM cards. Not an ordinary BRI debit.

Please check which card you are using first. Because the type of BRI Bank ATM card also determines whether the CVV code is visible or not.

By the way, for those of you who want to register for a BRImo application account but are constrained by the CVV code, maybe the article on how to register for BRImo without CVV can help you do that. Because in this article we also provide information about the BRI bank CVV code.

Julybe that’s the information we can convey regarding the 3 digit number on the back of the bri atm card that doesn’t exist. We hope that some of the information we provide is useful for you. especially BRI bank users who want to register for BRImo. Thank you and hopefully useful.