3 Powerful Tips to Get Rid of Lizards & Geckos

We often encounter lizards and geckos in our homes and their droppings often make the whole room stink. Actually, there are many ways to kill or repel these lizards & geckos in a simple way or using pesticides. but of course, based on my direct opinion, I would not suggest using chemical drugs to kill lizards & geckos because of course it is dangerous for pets at home such as cats and for children.

Actually, naturally, lizards and geckos help us to reduce the number of mosquitoes and nuisance insects at home such as cockroaches, flies and other insects, but for some people, animals belonging to this type of reptile are nuisance animals. Well this time I will share about how to repel and kill lizards and geckos in a natural way that is conducive to your home environment.

Powerful Tips to Get Rid of Lizards & Geckos

Using peacock feathers
At first I didn’t believe a tutorial on a website that I met that discussed how to get rid of lizards and geckos using peacock tail feathers, it felt strange and funny. How does it work and why does it work? but when I proved it myself, I just believed it hehehe, coincidentally, my neighbor kept a peacock and I asked for the tail of the fallen peacock feather, the impression was that I was given to my neighbor and he said he would definitely want to get rid of the gecko can wear a peacock feather tail.

And sure enough, after I hung the peacock tail feathers on the wall of my room every night there was no more noisy gecko sound, and after I googled here and there I seemed to find a real answer why geckos can be afraid of peacock tail feathers. And it turns out to be quite simple, the tail of the peacock feather if you observe properly it turns out to form large eyeballs and based on the website explains that this is a psychological thing of cheep and gecko that naturally scares peacock tail feathers, it turns out that lizards and geckos have psychological effects too, hehehehe , if you do not believe please try.

Egg shell
Still in terms of psychology hehehe … I got this from the next web but I have not proven it myself. You can also use egg shells to repel lizards and geckos, just take an unused chicken egg shell or get another egg shell and crush it. Place these shell fragments on a cupboard above the ceiling or in an area where a lot of lizards and geckos pass. This causes lizards and geckos to leave your house because they think the shell fragment was an egg that was broken by other animals so they don’t feel safe and then leave, it’s based on the blog next to whether it’s true or not, you better prove it yourself.

Using onion or pepper
Shallots and pepper have a distinctive fishy taste and geckos and lizards hate it, just puree the garlic or ground pepper and mix it with water. then spray this water in places where there are a lot of lizards or geckos or the animals often pass.