3 Tips for Predicting a Baby in the womb

Many ways are used by parents to predict the sex of the unborn baby, either mythically, medically or in traditional ways. Actually to predict the baby’s gender accurately can be done with ultrasound (Ultrasonography), Chinese gender charts, draino test, amniocentesis and CVS and all have almost 90% accuracy. But for those of you who don’t have a lot of money to predict the sex of your unborn baby, there are some simple ways to do it predict the sex of the unborn baby.

Although this method is less accurate, this method is a prediction that many medical experts make to predict the sex of the baby in the womb without using a loan tool or medical test. Well, here are some ways to predict the sex of a baby in the womb as quoted from the largest health site Webmd, but again the name prediction can be accurate or not, but based on WebMD this prediction has an accuracy of 60%, here’s how to predict the sex of the baby in the womb:

Tips for predicting a baby in the womb

Baby boy moves early
Normally a pregnant woman will experience fetal movement for the first time on average between 4-6 months of gestation, now obstetrical medical experts say that the fetus of a prospective baby boy generally occurs earlier in a mother’s womb, which is around 16 weeks or 4 months, while for a baby girl the cost will be slower and start moving usually when the gestational age is more than 20 weeks or more than 5 months. Now, by looking at the movement of the baby in the womb, this can be a predictive indicator for you that if there is early fetal movement between the ages of 4-5 months of pregnancy, it is most likely that your prospective baby is a man, while if there is movement of the baby above the age of 5 months, the potential baby is likely to be: woman. Medical experts say that male baby candidates do have earlier movements than female baby candidates.

Baby girls are more active
Well, if the points above say that male baby candidates move earlier, but scientifically, baby girls will be more active in the womb, although after birth, baby boys will be more active than baby girls. When born into the world, baby boys will be more active and strong, but when they are still in the womb it turns out to be the opposite. In the medical world, it is said that the female fetus has two chromosomes, namely XX, so that the movement will be more active than the male baby. This is a scientifically proven fact. so that baby girls can move much deeper in the womb than boys. Ideally three fetal movements for half an hour is considered normal and it is a prediction that your baby will be a boy. If you can feel a lot more than that, then chances are you will have a little girl in your womb.

Baby boy kicks more
Well, if three movements in half an hour in the womb, it is possible that the baby is a boy and that is a normal thing to happen, but the prospective baby boy will move his legs more (kicking) and if the baby girl moves his body more than his legs (active) move). It is believed that baby boys kick more than baby girls. The baby’s movement also has a big influence on implantation and the position of the placenta.

Well maybe the above method can be used as your prediction to find out the gender of the baby in your womb, once again the tips above are just predictions or assumptions so it’s not necessarily accurate. If you have suggestions or complements, please comment in the comment box provided, thank you.