3 Ways to Change Credit into Latest Indosat Quota

Portalsitaro.com – Indosat provider card users who have quite a lot of credit, of course, there are those who are confused about how to convert their credit into Indosat quota.

If yes, you are at right place. because in this article we will discuss in detail the guidelines for converting Indosat credit to quota. So, please read carefully so as not to be wrong in the application process.

How to Change Credit into Indosat Quota, Is it Possible?

Indosat prepaid card users can change the credit they have with internet quota through various media. For example, using UMB dial media, message promos from Indosat cards or the MyIM3 application.

The process of changing it in this case is to buy an internet package. Because it’s not possible to directly exchange credit with data or quota without any intermediaries.

Okay, for those of you who are curious to know how the process of converting credit to Indosat card internet quota, here are the steps you need to do.

1.Exchange Credit for Indosat Quota via UMB Dial

The first trick we recommend is to use the UMB dial. Because in this, various choices of internet packages will appear that you can exchange for the credit you have.

The Indosat dial code to exchange credit for internet quota is *123# or *100#. The method:

  1. Enter the Phone app
  2. Then, access *123# or *100#. Then click OK/Call.
  3. Various Indosat internet package offers will appear, such as daily quota freedom, internet freedom, freedom apps and others.
  4. Please choose to adjust the credit you have.

2.Exchanging Credit for Indosat Quota via MyIM3 Application

Next, you can use the official Indosat application, MyIM3 to exchange credit for the desired internet quota.

However, before that make sure you have downloaded the MyIM3 application on the PlayStore or AppStore. Don’t forget to register the number that has the credit to this application.

Well, after successfully getting a MyIM3 account. You can get various kinds of cheap quota offers, large quantities, or night quotas that you can buy.

If you have found the package you want to buy, and according to the existing credit. You can purchase internet quota through the MyIm3 application using the credit you have.

2.Change Credit To Indosat Internet Quota via SMS

Sometimes Indosat card users are given promo sms which offers abundant quota at low prices. You can maximize this to exchange the credit you have with the quota.

Usually, users only need to follow the instructions recommended by the sender of the Indosat cheap quota promo message. For example, there is a message from 5111 that provides information about cheap quota by replying to this message by typing HIGH1 and sending it to 5111.

Please do this to be able to convert Indosat credit into internet quota which you can later use for streaming, downloading, browsing, on your favorite cellphone.

This is the information we can convey regarding the guide in converting credit into Indosat Ooredo 2022 quota. Hopefully some of the information we share is useful for you. so much and good luck