3 Ways to Change IP Address on 4G Network

Basically the IP address of each user can change from time to time. Especially on 4G networks, the IP address you get is not always permanent. And all users are free to check their IP address easily through the website, or even through the Google page.

But using a 4G network is different from 3G, where when you really want to change the IP address, it can’t be done by disconnecting and then connecting it again. Precisely if you do this, the IP address obtained will remain the same.

Changing IP address on 4G network is easy restart the phone. But besides this there is also another way that is also quite easy without the need to restart the device. Julybe you are interested to know. Here are the three ways:

1. Take advantage of Airplane Mode

The Airplane Mode feature on the cellphone is useful for disconnecting the cellphone from all networks that are in use, that includes the cellular card network on the cellphone. That way you don’t have to restart the phone using this method.

To activate airplane mode is very easy, please open the notification panel and then tap on the airplane icon. Then wait a while until the network on the phone disappears and then disable airplane mode and check the IP address again. It must have changed now.

Enabling Airplane Mode on Android

2. Switch to 3G/2G Network Temporarily

The second powerful way is to try switching to a 2G or 3G network temporarily and then switch to a 4G network again. This is very easy to do on an Android phone. Because you just need to go Arrangement > Connection > Mobile Networkthen on Network Mode select as 3G Only or GSM Only.

Switch Networks to Change IP Address

If you have switched networks, wait for about 1 minute and then please switch the network mode again to 4G. After that check the current IP address, of course it will change from before.

3. Changing APN

For this third method I made it as an alternative because it was a little complicated to do. Anyone can use this method, but also know that the two methods above are also very effective in changing the IP address of a 4G network.

So by changing different APN settings, your device will definitely get a different IP address. As long as you know the list of APNs that are suitable for the cellular card used, it is possible that you will get a unique IP that is not like usual.

Changing the APN on Android can be done through the menu Arrangement > Connection > Mobile Network > Access Point Name (APN). Furthermore, in this section you can add or change with other APNs you have.

Change IP Address by Changing APN

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Between the three methods above, of course I prefer to use the first method, considering it is very easy to do compared to the others. So instead of restarting the phone, just do the steps above much faster.

And in addition, if you want the fastest way in check public IP address at this time, please type the keyword “what is my ip” on a Google search. Later your IP address will appear at the top of the results.

Hopefully useful and good luck