3 Ways to Disable Friend Activity on Shopee

Portalsitaro.com – Many Shopee application users do not know that the purchase history of goods and also reviews on the platform e-commerce This popular can be seen by friends themselves.

This can be done if the friend’s activity feature is active on the user’s Shopee. Inevitably, this is something that Shopee users don’t like to hear, because their privacy seems to be visible to other people.

Therefore, in this article, we will provide an explanation regarding how to disable the friend activity feature on Shopee. So that user privacy is more awake even from their own friends. Also Read: Why Can’t I Delete Cart Items in Shopee?

Who Can See Activity on Shopee?

Before going to the topic of discussion, which is turning off the activity feature in the Shopee application. Users need to know that not everyone can see what we do in this marketplace.

Because, only friends who save each other’s contacts can see user activities such as product reviews or purchases of goods made by users in this orange application.

Therefore, not everyone can see what you do in the Shopee application. For example, followers or excluded contacts can’t see your activity when using Shopee.

How to Disable Friend Activity on Shopee

For those of you who feel this friend activity feature violates your privacy as a user. Users can exercise full control to be able to manage account privacy regarding the history of activities on Shopee.

In addition, Shopee has also set items that fall into the sensitive category automatically and cannot be seen by saved friends’ contacts or other users.

For those of you who want to disable this Shopee friend activity feature, here are some things you need to do to make it happen:

  1. First, please log in to the Shopee app Account.
  2. Go to ‘Account Settings’, then please go to ‘Privacy Settings’.
  3. Well, in this menu the user will be given various options. Click Hide my activity to turn off user activity or hide user activity. Done

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That’s brief information related to how to disable the Shopee app friends feature. Now the activities you do on the marketplace are private, so your account cannot be opened by other people.

The occurrence of exposure to user activity is actually also the result of the negligence of the user who only activates the feature without knowing what the intent and purpose of the service is. So, be careful and do the hiding activities above so that your Shopee account is kept private and secure. Thank you and hopefully useful.