3 Ways to Get Zem Zepeto Without the Latest Top Up

Portalsitaro.com – Are you looking for a way to get Zem Zepeto without top up? If so, maybe this article can help you make it happen.

Zepeto players who like to tinker with characters, definitely need zem or coins to buy clothes to make a 3D avatar like what he wants. However, we often encounter zepeto players who are constrained by the zem or coin problem.

Making an avatar character to look beautiful, cool, or handsome does need to cost quite a bit. The reason is, accessories or items in the form of clothes are not given for free.

Don’t worry, because we will share a method on how to get Zem Zepeto without top up easily. So, please refer to the explanation that we convey below so that you can get it.

How To Get Zem Zepeto Without Top Up

To be able to get zem in addition to using the top up method, players can do 3 ways that we recommend the following.

Follow events

Usually within a certain period the Zepeto application often holds events with zem or coin prizes. Where, you can participate and have the opportunity to get rewards the.

Therefore, when there is a zepeto event rewards zem. Please follow and note the date of the game. So, you don’t miss when the zepeto free zem event will start.

Get Free Zem Through the Lucky Menu

We can also get zem in addition to top up by maximizing zepeto rewards or commonly known as ‘zem luck’. It’s also easy to follow:

  • Please log in to Zepeto
  • Then click the gift icon.
  • Next, click on the lucky zem option.
  • At this stage, all you have to do is claim free zem.
  • By doing this, you have the opportunity to get free zem without top up.

Using the Zepeto Mod Application (MOD)

The last way to get free coins and zem from Zepeto is to use a modified application or better known as a mod apk.

This method is often used by players who don’t want to buy zem or premium coins in the official version of the Zepeto game.

By using Zepeto MOD apk players can get unlimited zem alias unlimited. So, players are free to buy equipment items as they wish.

Julybe that’s what we can say about how to get Zem Zepeto without top up on Codashop, Itemku, Jollymax, or the Google Play Store. Now, you already know the various methods.

Please use all the methods above if you want to get Zepeto coins or zem for free without reloading. That’s all and good luck.