3 Ways to Overcome Cannot Post SPT Unification Processing

Portalsitaro.com – Some time ago, there was a lot of anxiety coming from taxpayers to the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT). This feeling of restlessness relates to the issue of the status of not being able to post an SPT which is being processed at the stage of submitting the Unification PPh Period SPT.

The technical issue causing the SPT status is being processed on the web-e invoicing this is of course unsettling for people who are in the process of this Unification. Moreover, waiting times have changed and take a relatively long time.

Therefore, people need to know the reason why they can’t post the SPT being processed. So, know how to solve it anyway. Here are the full details.

Why Can’t Post SPT

It should be noted that the process of filling out the Annual Tax Return by taxpayers can now be done online. This has been going on for some time, including when submitting the Unification PPh Period SPT

Like other online-based systems, the Directorate General of Taxation platform is also prone to problems. Usually, there are several conditions that cause users to not be able to post SPT in this e-invoice.

Some of the classic problems in this online system include various things, including system down errors, system overloads, and network disturbances that cause unable to post SPT.

The following is an explanation of the problems we have listed above.

  • System down: filling SPT online certainly makes a sense of dependence on network availability is very high. If an error occurs in the system, problems such as status will appear e-bupot SPT is in process.
  • System Overload: Filling the SPT together in a relatively short time can also trigger the system to experience an overload condition. Due to the large number of activities simultaneously, this also makes errors prone to occur.
  • Network Disturbance: interference network can also be a reason for not being able to post an SPT. This is because many accessors also need a good system when filling out the SPT.

Overcoming Can’t Post SPT In Unification Process

Several steps can be taken for interested persons to address the status of being unable to post an SPT which is currently being processed, including:

1. Doing Browser Cleaning

When they fail to post an SPT, taxpayers can clean the browser they are using first. Cache and cookies which is too high causes the browser’s performance to be heavy.

Please do a cleanup on the Chrome, Mozilla, or other browsers that you use to fill out this 2022 annual notification letter. use features clear cache to make the process faster.

2. Using a Private Browser (incognito)

Participants filling out can also use a browser that has a private window or incognito feature.

Besides being faster because it doesn’t store any history of what you’re looking for. Users are also provided with security in personal account logins.

3. Periodically Access

The last step that we can convey is to try to fill out online tax returns regularly. Of course, this activity needs to be done so that when the system is ‘somewhat’ normal, we can immediately fill out the SPT.

Because if an error occurs on the online-based system platform, it usually takes a relatively long time to make the system return to normal.

Thus the information that we can convey regarding the status of not being able to post an SPT is being processed for unification, hopefully the writing above can help people who are obliged to do taxes. Thank you and hopefully useful.