3 Ways to Restore My Forgotten Password

Portalsitaro.com – Sometimes Akulaku users forget to remember the account password they use. Not infrequently we also see people who experience problems like this confused and don’t know how to return it.

Forgetting Akulaku account password can happen to any user. But if this is happening to you then you need to know how to deal with it. Because, if it is not addressed immediately, there will be consequences for users who still have bills.

Well, below we will share how to restore my forgotten password for some reason. So, you can access your Akulaku account again and pay bills or credits that were previously submitted.

How to Restore My Forgotten Password

To change the Akulaku password, we can actually do it in various ways. Whether it’s via email, the associated cellphone number, or through the forgot password feature in the Akulaku application.

Well, below we will explain one by one how to restore my Akulaku account through some of the options we offer above. So, please read to the end to find out the detailed steps.

1. Change Akulaku Password via the ‘forget password’ feature

You can do this first method directly from the Akulaku application itself, please follow the following steps for a more detailed process.

  • Open the Akulaku application, then enter the Personal section.
  • Next, click on the sign-in option.
  • The Akulaku account login option will appear. Please click option forgot password (forgot password) to continue.
  • Set the user’s country, for example Indonesia.
  • Enter the phone number to start logging in to my Akulaku account. If so, click next
  • Then enter the code captcha with the correct answer.
  • If so, click the ‘Confirm’ option. Facebook authorization will appear. Then click ‘security verification’.
  • So that the process of changing my password goes well, make sure you don’t use FB lite when authorizing
  • Login to the Facebook account that has been registered with Akulaku previously.
  • If the ‘Login’ notification appears, please click it and then click the ‘Continue’ option.
  • At this stage you will be given that info access the contact list. Please select grant all authorization.
  • Also allow Akulaku to access contacts by clicking the ‘allow’ option.
  • Verify the phone number by clicking ‘send’.
  • Wait for the OTP code sent by Akulaku via SMS
  • If so, please enter the code into the column provided.
  • Click ‘Next’ to continue.
  • The last stage, please enter ‘My New Password’ twice. And you have managed to restore my Akulaku account which previously forgot this password. Happy!

2. Restore Akulaku Account Via Phone Number

For those of you who feel the first way is lacking worth it (meticulous). Could it be the second way, namely by using the relevant cellphone number to be able to access my account again. The method:

  • Log in to your Akulaku account, then click ‘Register or Login’ in the ‘forgot password’ section.
  • Enter the phone number registered to your Akulaku account.
  • Wait until Akulaku sends a verification code to the phone number.
  • Enter the Akulaku secret code into the field provided. If you have clicked ‘Next’.
  • If successful then you will be able to login to my account again.
  • The process of returning an Akulaku account that has forgotten the password has been successful. Users can reuse as usual.

3. Restoring My Forgotten Password Via Email

Users can also maximize Akulaku’s support email contact to change a forgotten password. With a note, the email is the same as the one you entered when registering and verifying my Akulaku account.

To maximize Akulaku’s recovery email, it’s not that hard to do. The method:

  • Go to the page section of the Akulaku page
  • Then, enter your email and account information. Next, click ‘Submit’.
  • Wait until Akulaku sends a verification code.
  • Please enter the verification code into the column provided.
  • At this stage, we will be given access to change my Akulaku password. Create a password that is simple and easy to remember.

By following the instructions above, the return of an Akulaku account that has forgotten its password using the email method has been successfully carried out. Please access the Akulaku application again to pay bills or apply for credit/installments.

As an online loan application, it is easy, reliable, and has relatively moderate interest. Akulaku does offer various kinds of credit facilities for the purchase of tempting goods.

However, it’s different if an Akulaku account that has received a bill suddenly forgets the password or the account is lost for various reasons. If it is not repaired immediately and the bill is in arrears for months. Then you can get bad consequences.

That’s the information we can convey regarding how to restore the forgotten Akulaku password in 2022. Hopefully the little information we share is useful for you. That’s all and please try.