3 Ways to Use VLive on Laptop\Computer

Portalsitaro.com – For vlive apk users who often occupy themselves with laptops or computers, activities using this vlive application on mobile devices may be very limited due to these activities.

Therefore, users can use vlive via the computer or laptop you are using. How to use vlive is also not so difficult to do. Because, users only need to run a few steps to do it.

So, how to use vlive on this computer or laptop, min? Well, for those of you true K-Pop fans who want to use this application on these devices. Please read and run the steps below to do so.

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How to Use VLive on Laptop\Computer

Here’s how to use vlive on your computer\laptop.

  1. Open the browser browser on your favorite computer\laptop.
  2. Then in the search field, please visit the vlive remi site at https://vlive.tv/home/new.
  3. Then, log in using your Vlive account.

Well, now you can enter and use the vlive application on your PC\ Laptop device. Furthermore, users just need to use it according to what they want, for example watching videos of their favorite boyband or girlband or commenting with fellow KPOPers who are already connected to the application.

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That’s the information we can convey regarding how to use the vlive application on a PC or Laptop device. Hopefully a little information above can provide convenience for people who need it. Thank you and hopefully useful.