3 Ways to View Other People’s WhatsApp Messages 2022

We’re here with a tutorial that’s sure to come in handy for how to view other people’s WhatsApp messages discreetly and without application. The request to access other people’s WhatsApp messages remotely has indeed become a topic that intrigues many people in 2022.

Thanks to the WA Social Spy WhatsApp spy app, which was introduced to the market today, all kinds of sharing and conversations made by the targeted person can be accessed discreetly in this app.

Whatsapp conversations are end-to-end protection, but to achieve this, both parties must agree to this process. This makes WhatsApp conversations inaccessible to many people. For this reason, people may need to find a way to view other people’s WhatsApp messages.

But remember, reading someone else’s message means you don’t trust that person.

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Unfortunately, it is not possible to read the details of WhatsApp messages sent to the other party’s phone without physical access to the phone without using any program. Thanks to spyware, this is made possible by providing remote access to other people’s WhatsApp. The trick for real code-free WhatsApp tracking is by using a remote access program.

Thanks to both paid and free apps, you won’t get any question marks about accessing WhatsApp messages on other people’s phones. Although it is mostly used to access WhatsApp details of lovers or partners, this software is actually used by parents to monitor children and by professionals to control staff.

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With a QR code, you can read other people’s WhatsApp messages via WhatsApp Web, Google Drive backup and other phone tracking programs.

It is understandable that WhatsApp messages are read from the target phone in almost all of these paid and free methods. So we will first explain all these methods and then make a warning about which ones leave evidence or not.

How to View Other People’s WhatsApp Messages with QR code

  • Go to web.whatsapp.com on your computer or phone.
  • Open the WhatsApp application on the phone whose message you want to read.
  • Click on the WhatsApp Web tab in the top right option.
  • Scan the QR code on the WhatsApp Web app from the phone.
  • Now you can read other people’s WhatsApp messages with QR code.

You can see a video explaining how to do this below.

Warning : We don’t recommend this method because when the phone owner visits the WhatsApp Web section, their messages are read and can see the devices that have been signed in previously.

How to View Other People’s WhatsApp Messages with Google Drive

  • Go to the Settings section of the WhatsApp app on the target phone.
  • Then go to Chats > Chat backup.
  • You will see the Backup to Google Drive section in the screen that opens.
  • Choose a backup frequency and start a backup by selecting a Google account.
  • Then visit drive.google.com from the relevant Google account.
  • Now you can read other people’s WhatsApp messages with Google Drive backup.

You can watch the video below for this method.

Warning : We don’t recommend this method because when mobile users visit the Chat backup section, they can see which Google Drive account created the backup and when was the last backup.

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[su_heading size=”25″]Application To View Other People’s WhatsApp Messages[/su_heading]

The application for reading WhatsApp messages, which I discussed in detail above, offers many different prices and mainly for sale in the market. To find out which program is right for you, you should take a look at the 3 most efficient and successful WhatsApp message reading programs that I have selected for you.


No need to reinvent the world to read your lover’s WhatsApp messages. MSpy, one of the most reliable and popular programs on the market, will give you the support you are looking for. mSpy is a spy software. It offers access through a fully online internet browser and helps capture information on the targeted device.

  • Apart from reading WhatsApp messages;
  • SMS messages to and from the device,
  • calling,
  • Messenger Messages,
  • keyboard gesture,
  • social media

The application, which offers many features such as access to all, differs from its competitors with an easy-to-use panel.

Another feature that makes it special is that it offers live location tracking. Apart from the features offered through GPS, it also has a very important feature called geo-framing, which allows the person to receive a notification when the target device is out of bounds set by the person. This feature is preferred by both parents and employers.


SpyBubble, a spy program like mSpy; Allow someone to target a device and gain 100% control over it:

  • In addition to 24/7 live location information,
  • Messenger Messages,
  • SMS messages,
  • information about incoming and outgoing calls,
  • Facebook,
  • Instagram vb.

It allows you to control all social network data and many other important data via online panels.


The most important feature of mobileSpy, which is one of the most attractive programs among spy programs, is the control panel of your phone, tablet, etc. Can be made mobile from smart devices. MobileSpy, which offers many features such as photos, videos, all messages, keyboard attacks and location tracking on the target device, offers a faster and more mobile environment for its users.