3 Years Late Motorcycle Tax Fines? This is the total cost

Portalsitaro.com – Motorcycle users in Indonesia know that they need to pay taxes to the government for the cost of renewing their vehicle registration and license plate. Even for a Vehicle Registration Certificate (STNK) motorcycle owners need to pay taxes every year.

However, not all motorcycle owners in Indonesia are obedient to paying vehicle taxes. There are even people who are late paying for several or even years for various reasons.

Well, below we will provide information about 3 years late motorcycle tax fines, be it Honda, Yamaha, and others. Therefore, please read this information to the end to find out the full details.

3 Years Late Motorcycle Tax Fines

It should be noted that the tax penalties for each motorbike are not the same. For example, the tax penalties for the Supra 125 and Vario 150cc motorbikes, which are both three years late, the fines that need to be paid are very different.

Therefore, it is necessary for users to know the formula for motor vehicle fines tax in Indonesia. So that you know the amount of fees you need to pay when you are 3 years late and haven’t paid the motorbike tax or STNK.

Motor Tax Fine Formula

You need to know, there is a special trick to calculate the amount of fees for people who want to know the costs that need to be incurred to make the STNK card or motorcycle tax return to life. The formula is as follows:

Tax penalty = PKB x 25% (per year) x month\year

Example of Calculation of 3 Years Dead Motorcycle Tax Prices

If you want to activate the vehicle registration letter again after 3 years of death. Of course, the costs incurred are relatively more. Prepare money in advance before making a payment for the vehicle.

For those of you who want to know how much money needs to be spent to pay a 3 year dead motorbike tax penalty. You can calculate it manually so that when you want to reactivate it, you don’t have to go back and forth to the office.

Notes: The SWDKLLJ fine is 32,000 for motorbikes and 100,000 for cars.

Example question: Si Bambang owns a motorbike and is late paying for 3 years (36 months). The amount of PKB in STNK is Rp 232,000. while SWDKLJ is IDR 35,000. then Bambang will be charged a fee of?

  • Basic cost : IDR 232,000 (3 years in arrears to IDR 696,000)
  • Motorbike tax fine: 309,000 (1 year 25, 3 years 75%)
  • SWDKLJ fare: IDR 35,000
  • SWDKLLJ fine: IDR 32,000
  • Total value (696,000+ 35,000+ 309,000+ 32,000) = IDR 1,072,000.00 only

So the cost that you need to pay off from the delay in the 3-year motorbike tax penalty is only IDR 1,072,000. The data is subject to change at any time according to the government’s policy on motorcycle taxation in Indonesia.

So, that’s the information that we can convey regarding the motor vehicle fine, the STNK tax is dead for 3 years. Please use the formula above to find out how much money you need to spend if you have paid 3 years motorcycle tax.

To ease payments. fill in STNK again after there is a whitening program from the government. With this program, the fine will be eliminated and you only need to pay the basic fee. Thank you and hopefully useful.