4 Tips for a Girl’s Favorite Talking Style

Talks that girls like – Most women have a soft and sensitive side, so if you are approaching the girl you dream of, the style of speech affects the girl’s evaluation of you. This time I will share a few ways and tips on the style of talking that girls like that I quoted from the famous dating site Dating Love about how to carry out conversations that are interesting and liked by women.

This article on talking style tips that girls like is a continuation of my previous article about how to approach and chat with women you just know to make them interested in you. Yes, girls are a little complicated and sensitive, a little wrong speech can make them disappointed or hurt hehehhe…

Most girls like men who are confident, of course it will be fun, not if your conversation can attract the girl you are approaching and get her attention. The way and style of speech is very important so that the girl you approach is interested and likes your conversation, so here are tips on the style of speech that most girls like:

Girls Liked Talking Style

Your tone of voice
As you know women have a soft and sensitive side, so if you want a way of talking that girls like, then lower your voice, don’t be too loud but still be confident. According to Dating Love web regarding dating tips and tricks, saying that speaking style that is too loud and fast can make girls judge you as a tough and selfish man, although based on my direct opinion, the style of speech is a person’s character. but I don’t know maybe only you can answer it.

What is clear, most women like men who can and have a style of speaking slowly but still firmly, confidently and honestly. The style and way of speaking clearly affects how women judge you.

As I mentioned in the point above that girls like the male speaking style that is firm, slow but still audible. Feeling comfortable is closely related to clarity of speech. You can practice increasing the volume of your voice by speaking a little louder but don’t look like you’re grumpy or emotional. It is very difficult to practice a clear, firm, slow tempo, loud voice but still doesn’t look like anger.

Speech intonation
Intonation is very important in communication, because it shows how a person’s mouth and feelings are. Intonation offers your speaking style and letters. Monotonous tone of voice can make the other person feel bored and sleepy. This monotonous voice usually sounds flat, devoid of emotion like the sound of a robot.

Your speaking style will offer or express various feelings when speaking such as feelings of sadness, joy, anger, disappointment and happiness.

Talk time
The tempo of speech is similar to the space or distance between the words you are talking about. If you speak too fast without a semicolon then your speech will not be heard clearly. Feelings of fear and insecurity will generally make men talk too fast in front of women, this is to cover up feelings of nervousness in front of women. Or the usual thing is that when you are nervous, your speech style will stutter when you speak. Of course this is a style of speech that is not liked by girls.

People who do not have high self-confidence will speak a fast style of speech and do not pay attention to the tempo when speaking. This can be caused because men feel that the time they have to talk is very limited. A confident man always speaks slowly and clearly. To be able to control the tempo of the conversation, if you talk too fast or stammer, stop for a moment, then take a deep breath so that your feelings can return to normal before continuing the conversation.

So, those are some styles of speech that are liked by girls, of course this will differ from one girl to another but in general women will like the style of speech that I mentioned in the points above. Hopefully the article is useful and if there are additions, input or suggestions, please add them in the comments box, thank you.