4 Ways to Know Your Partner is Bored / Saturated With You

In a relationship boredom and boredom This is a natural thing, especially since the kinship has lasted quite a long time. Boredom was initially considered a reasonable thing but when boredom and boredom continued without any solution or way to solve boredom in a relationship, it could end up in your relationship going out in the middle of the road. Some ways to overcome boredom in relationships so that relationships are always healthy can be done in the following ways:

  • Immediately solve the slightest problem with your partner, don’t let the problem become big and cause boredom or boredom.
  • Keep communication intense and maintain openness between partners.
  • Relax by visiting new places with your partner.
  • Always create a new atmosphere in so that the relationship is not monotonous.
  • Attention is the solution to boredom.
  • More time together with different events such as sports, traveling, shopping together, visiting new places or places that remind you of meetings or events etc.

Like many motivators say that getting a love is not as difficult as maintaining the kinship of love, and it is true. No matter how hard you try to get their attention, getting their love is not as difficult as you maintain your kinship with your partner, let alone have explored a serious relationship such as marriage. When you are married you need to give up more, sacrifice more, and more attention and affection or you your kinship can stretch because of it.

One of the tips to build a more lasting relationship with your partner is intense communication, openness, honesty, attention and mutual respect and appreciation. Well this time I will share a little how to find out your partner is bored with you, this aims to hopefully you can find out that your partner is experiencing saturation and you can looking for a solution to boredom or saturation in the relationship:

Couples are busier
If he used to always be there for you, wherever he could take you, always asking if you didn’t have any news then if your partner was bored or bored, he would look more busy with his own world. He always has reasons not to take you to the area you want to go to, often refuses if you ask him to meet like a lot of work, lots of events or whatever reasons that work together don’t really matter.

He spends more time with his own activities or is more concerned with going or hanging out with their friends than with your partner.

Contact you less often
If it was the first time PDKT he would be busy asking you news, events or minor things that may not be too important. Or ask if you haven’t been seen for a long time, often SMS, BBM, chat, telephone even if it’s just “say to hello” or “ask what’s going on”.

In fact, he will also be very difficult to contact on the grounds that he is busy, is in college, left his cellphone at home, his cellphone is turned off, etc.

Less attention
If in the past he was very attentive, even if it was just to remind him to eat or go to bed, he could text or call in the middle of the night, then if your partner is bored or bored, his attention to you will decrease. If in the past he was always there to take you to campus or to work, this time he always doesn’t have time to take you for various reasons.

No response
If in the past you wanted to be like crossing a river he was always there to hold your hand so you didn’t fall, providing his shoulder when you were sad and crying. But if he feels bored and bored with you then it’s boro boro to hold your hand, he will walk too in front or behind when you walk together, doesn’t always smile like during PDKT, is reluctant to laugh or make jokes, or physical contact is like pinching your cheeks or stroking your hair etc.